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British Military Pattern...

British Military Pattern 1853 Enfield Musket...

Price $1,950.00

This British Army issue percussion Pattern 1853 was manufactured in 1861. The 39" 61 calibeer smooth bore barrel has a very good bore. The polished barrel is bright with a few scattered stains. The London proof marks are visible but indistinct. The spring fastened bands are bright. The lock, which is a mixture of brown and bright, is marked 1861 over TOWER with the military crown-broad arrow...

German 1888 Commission...

German 1888 Commission Rifle 8mm (AL7851)

Price $849.95

Serial No.1188A chambered in 8mm Mauser manufactured at Spandau 1890 in overall good condition, metal is smooth plum patina, stock shows dings, and scratches. Bore is excellent, action functions correctly. 

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German Gewher 91 by...

German Gewher 91 by Schilling 8MM Mauser (AL7823)

Price $1,850.00

SN:2939B. Desirable model 1891 crabine. Unit marked on upper barrel band to an Artillery regiment. Serial numbers are matching. Bore is excellent. Bolt has a slight modification for easier use. Stock is good with minor nicks and dings. Good overall condition.

German 1888 Commission...

German 1888 Commission Rifle by Spandau 8MM...

Price $795.00

SN:8744. German military rifle manufactured in 1896 at the Spandau arsenal. Serial numbers are matching. Metl has been refinished and looks great. Bore is good with strong rifling and minor frosting. Very good overall condition. Lower barrel band is unit marked "9.R.8.189." to a reserve infantry regiment.

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Model 1893 Mauser 7MM...

Model 1893 Mauser 7MM Mauser (AL7829)

Price $1,950.00

SN:B1683. Spanish contract. Stock has a nice 1894 dated cartouche. Serial numbers are matching. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Metal has a brown patina. Receiver has Spain's coat of arms. Good overall condition.

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Argentine Mauser 1891 7.62...

Argentine Mauser 1891 7.62 Argentine (AL7565)

Price $1,195.00

SN: P0689. Argentine military Mauser made by Loewe manufacturer in Berlin, Germany. The serials are all matching. The bore is excellent and the actions work perfectly. The crest on the receiver has been ground. Overall excellent condition. Comes with leather sling and Bayonet with sheathe. The bayonet has non-matching serials and is marked " Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen."

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Austrian Flintlock Cavalry...

Austrian Flintlock Cavalry Carbine (AL5588)

Price $2,995.00

Scarce Austrian cavalry carbine. Barrel is marked "Elise Dojac" directly infront of rear sight. Action works properly. Barrel is approximately 14.5". Overall length is 29.5". Very good overall condition.

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British Pattern 1853 Musket...

British Pattern 1853 Musket (AL5947)

Price $1,450.00

Two band musket. Lock and barrel are unmakred. Action works properly. Barrel is 29.5". Stock has a chip by lock. Good overall condition.

Chilean Mauser 1895 7x57mm...

Chilean Mauser 1895 7x57mm (AL7849)

Price $895.00

SN: A7159. Chilean military Mauser made by Loewe Berlin. The serials are all matching. The bore is very good with a spot of corrosion near the center of the barrel. The stock is in excellent condition with a cartouche on the left side of the butt stock and the serial is marked on the left of the receiver. Overall very good condition.

Previously sold
Chilean 1895 Mauser 7.62X51...

Chilean 1895 Mauser 7.62X51 (AL7543)

Price $595.00

SN:G7318. South American contract Mauser made for Chile by Loewe in the mid 1890's. Rifle has been arsenal converted to .308. Serial numbers are non matching. Bore is excellent. Good overall condition.

Previously sold
Austrian Model 1854...

Austrian Model 1854 Jagerstutzen Rifle (AL5755)

Price $2,150.00

Scarce Jagerstutzen model. Top barrel flat directly next to nipple has a makers mark. Hammer cocks and function properly. Metal has a grey patina. Good overall condition.

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French Model 1886 M93 8MM...

French Model 1886 M93 8MM Lebel (AL7461)

Price $895.00

French military rifle built at the Tulle arsenal. Barrel has an arseanl refurbish date of 1923. Receiver needs a screw by trigger guard. Bore s good with strong rifling. Metal has surface etching and a dark patina. Fair overall condition.

Previously sold
British Pattern 1853 Musket...

British Pattern 1853 Musket (AL5458)

Price $1,250.00

Barrel has been reduced to 29" and had it's sights "upgraded". Lock is dated 1860 and marked "Tower". Hammer cocks and functions properly. Good overall condition. Very reasonably priced.

British Martini-Henry .303...

British Martini-Henry .303 British (AL5448)

Price $895.00

British military rifle converted to .303 British. Barrel is 21". Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Action works properly. Wrist has some cracks that have been repaired. Good overall condition.

Previously sold
Swiss M78 Vetterli 10.4X38R...

Swiss M78 Vetterli 10.4X38R (AL6019)

Price $495.00

Swiss military rifle converted to a carbine. Front and rear sight are later replacements. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Action works properly. Good overall condition.

French Model 1822 Flintlock...

French Model 1822 Flintlock Musket Grenadier...

Price $1,595.00

NSN, .69 caliber circa 1820's, 42.5" round barrel French 1822 Grenadier musket manufactured by St. Etienne, Metal has been polished with pin-prick surface oxidation noted. Wood is good with minor handling and oil staining noted. Action functions correctly. 

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British Snider Artillery...

British Snider Artillery Carbine .577 Caliber...

Price $1,495.00

British military carbine. Lock is dated 1862 and marked "Tower". Breech block is marked "Snider Patent". Barrel is 21.5". Bore is very good with strong rifling. Very good overall condition.

Spanish Contract Model 1893...

Spanish Contract Model 1893 7MM Mauser (AL6083)

Price $1,495.00

SN:M4162. Spanish-American era Mauser. Receiver is dated 1896. Serial numbers are matching. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Stock has a very faint cartouche on left hand side. Stock has shrapnel damage in two areas. One directly behind the lower barrel band and left of the rear sight. Metal has a grey and brown patina. Good overall condition. A desirable early Mauser.