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Antique Air Rifles, Quackenbush Air Rifles & Misc. Antique Long Guns

From quirky Quackenbush air rifles to rare Zimmerstutzens, we carry some amazing finds in our inventory of antique air rifles and miscellaneous antique long guns. Our inventory is prone to change, so make sure you check out our new arrivals.

Browse our collection of antique air rifles and miscellaneous antique long guns below. When you’re done perusing our collectable firearms, make sure to explore the other odds and ends we have in commemoratives, militaria, and old ammo, tools, and neat stuff.

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Early European Air / Spring...

Early European Air / Spring Gun (AL1901)

Price $2,250.00

NSN. Made circa 1750 - 1800. 30 caliber with a 29” barrel. This is a Bellow System Operated Air ? Spring gun. One used the spanner wrench to open the springs and let air into the bellows. When the trigger was pulled, the springs released compressing the bellows...

Beautiful Jackson Patent...

Beautiful Jackson Patent Cased Cross Bow (AL7409)

Price $17,500.00

Circa 1830. Excellent Steel English crossbow by Thomas Jackson. This Crossbow is in superb condition and is factory cased with all of the accessories including the arrows. Case is excellent as well.

Early 17th Century Cross...

Early 17th Century Cross Bow (AL7408)

Price $1,895.00

Circa 1620. Very fine cross bow with a carved Stock. Wood has spots that have cracks mostly around the reinforced iron parts. Bow is missing the sting. Action still functions.

Early 17th Century English...

Early 17th Century English Crossbow (AL7407)

Price $3,995.00

Circa 1620. Very fine bow. It is complete including the sight. The metal inlays into the wood are nicely engraved. The bow is 27” wide and 31” long.

"Quaker Gun" (AL5491)

"Quaker Gun" (AL5491)

Price $495.00

Youth toy gun. Barrel is wooden. Stock and lock are Civil War era from a Springfield 1861 musket and dated 1864. Action works. Very good overall condition.