Tactical Rifles: Class III (3) Weapons for Sale

When it comes to Class 3 weapons for sale, Collectors Firearms offers a wide variety of tactical rifles. Our tactical rifles for sale include everything from Bushmaster ACR rifles to Colt M4s to Barrett .50 BMGs. You may want to bookmark our new arrivals page, as our inventory changes regularly. And keep in mind that these are Class 3 weapons, so NFA rules apply.

Scroll through our selection of Class 3 tactical rifles for sale below and browse our inventory of other Class 3 weapons for sale. For other kinds of collectable rifles, check out our antique long guns and Winchesters.

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CMMG MK4 .300 Blackout...

CMMG MK4 .300 Blackout (nR20263) New

Price $1,229.95
CMMG MK4 .300 Blackout caliber rifle. CMMG MK4 .300 Blackout with 8.3” barrel, KeyMod rail, and Magpul furniture. Perfect for CQB or PDW applications. All NFA rules apply!  
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Noveske N4 .300 Blackout...

Noveske N4 .300 Blackout SBR (nR20228) New

Price $2,779.95
Noveske N4 .300 Blackout SBR caliber rifle. Noveske N4 SBR with 10.5” .300 Blackout, Magpul furniture, Magpul Pro sights, ALG ACT trigger, NSR rail, and Saker 762 flash hider. All NFA rules apply!New
Previously sold
Gemtech Mist -22 .22LR...

Gemtech Mist -22 .22LR (nR19905) New

Price $949.95
Gemtech Mist -22 .22LR caliber rifle. The “Mist”, 10/22 Integrally Suppressed rifle .22LR. Hogue Overmold stock. All NFA rules apply! New
Previously sold
LWRC SIX8 UCIW (nR19808) New

LWRC SIX8 UCIW (nR19808) New

Price $2,299.95
LWRC SIX8 UCIW caliber rifle. New LWRC UCIW in 6.8 with Ambi lower. All NFA. Rules apply. New
Previously sold
MSAR STG 5.56/.223 (R19504)

MSAR STG 5.56/.223 (R19504)

Price $1,999.95
MSAR STG 5.56/.223 caliber rifle. Steyr AUG Clone with built in scope and bullpup 16” barrel.
Previously sold
BCM 4 “Jack Carbine” 5.56...

BCM 4 “Jack Carbine” 5.56 mm (NR19364).New

Price $2,499.95
BCM 4 “Jack Carbine” 5.56 mm caliber carbine. BCM 4 “Jack Carbine” made by Bravo Company 14.5” barrel with 2” paned break. In descriptive grey finish.New
Previously sold
Norinco SKS 7.62x39 mm...

Norinco SKS 7.62x39 mm (R19365)

Price $449.95
Norinco SKS 7.62x39 mm caliber rifle. Chinese Military rifle produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s stock is a polymer tactical style. Metal shows minor pitting bore is excellent. Very good condition.
Previously sold
Bobcat Weapons INC. 895P...

Bobcat Weapons INC. 895P 9mm (R19317)

Price $3,499.95
Bobcat Weapons INC. 895P 9mm caliber rifle. Semi-auto MP5k Clone. Registered SBR. Comes with full size AWC Systems Tech Agenda Six 9mm Supressor with tri-lug Mount. All NFA rules apply.
Previously sold
LMT defender 2000 5.56 mm...

LMT defender 2000 5.56 mm (NR19318)

Price $1,999.95
LMT defender 2000 5.56 mm caliber rifle. LMT Defender 2000 10.5” SBR in OD green. All NFA rules apply.New
Previously sold
Remington 700 .308 Win...

Remington 700 .308 Win (R19324)

Price $1,999.95
Remington 700 .308 Win caliber rifle. Remington 700 in .308 Win with Nikon 4-16x50 paired with a Gem Tech HVT .308 supressor and Harris Bipod.
Previously sold
Advanced Armament MPW .300...

Advanced Armament MPW .300 AAC Blackout...

Price $2,649.95
Advanced Armament MPW .300 AAC Blackout caliber rifle. AAC MPW .300 Blackout with 762-SDN-6 and 300 Blackout Acog 9” SBR with Geissele trigger. Class III item, NFA rules do apply.  
Previously sold
Primary Weapons System MK...

Primary Weapons System MK 112 .300 (R18107)...

Price $2,799.95
Primary Weapons System MK 112 .300 Black caliber rifle. 12” PWS Piston 300 Black used and surefire Socom 762 RC used suppressor. All NFA rules apply.  
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