Pre-War Sporting Rifles

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El Tigre Saddle Ring...

El Tigre Saddle Ring Carbine 44-40 (R30302)

Price $1,875.00

Manufactured by Grate Anitua in the 1920's and 1930's. Very good quality lever action that are well made and robust. Bore is excellent. Carbine has some wear and is in very good condition overall. Action works perfectly.

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Savage 99C 243 Win. (R29813)

Savage 99C 243 Win. (R29813)

Price $950.00

Popular detachable magazine model lever action rifle. Barrel is 22". Bore is excellent. Comes with a 3-9X scope. Length of pull is 13.5" with pad. Very good overall condition.

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Savage Super Sporter...

Savage Super Sporter .250-3000 (R29787)

Price $650.00

Pre-war bold action rifle in desirable .250 Savage caliber. The metal is very good with about 90% thinning blue. The stock has typical light hunting wear, no cracks or major damage. The bore and action are excellent. Has a vintage Weaver K4 scope. A neat vintage rig, in a great caliber.

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Remington Model 8 .30 Rem...

Remington Model 8 .30 Rem (R29007)

Price $795.00

Semi-auto rifle. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. This is an old refinish and looks good. The stocks are good with no abuse or cracks. Very good overall condition.

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NRA Sporter Springfield...

NRA Sporter Springfield 1903 .30-06 (R28848)

Price $3,750.00

Scarce NRA Sporter model with quality custom work. Upgrade stock has fleur de lis checkering. Butt plate and pistol grip cap both have a trap. Butt plate trap is very finely done. Butt contains matches. Barrel is star gauged on muzzle and dated 1930. Bore is excellent. Bolt is numbered to receiver. Lyman rear peep sight. Receiver has a Griffen & Howe style base. Very good plus overall...

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Beautiful Griffin and Howe...

Beautiful Griffin and Howe Mauser Action Bolt...

Price $7,950.00

Absolutely beautiful gun! 270 Weatherby Caliber with a 24” barrel.  Beautiful factory engraved gun. This is a very deluxe Griffin and Howe rifle with the barrel, receiver, butt plate, pistol grip cap, floor plate and trigger guard. Even the sling swivels...

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Factory Engraved Gold...

Factory Engraved Gold Inlayed Griffin and How...

Price $6,750.00

Made in 1959. 243 caliber with a 24” barrel. Absolutely beautiful gun in excellent condition. The barrel is engraved near the receiver and the floor plate and trigger guard is engraved as well. The Monogrammed initials “JSB” are inlaid in gold on the floor plate. The...

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Griffin & Howe 25 G&H...

Griffin & Howe 25 G&H Roberts (R29092)

Price $2,950.00

Quality custom rifle by Griffin & Howe, built on a Mauser action, built in the early 1930's. Barrel address is marked "No. 1401 Griffin & Howe Inc, New York". Rifle is chambered in 25 G & H Roberts (which is the predecessor to .257 Roberts). Heavy barrel is approximately 26" and has scope block mounts. Bore is excellent. Very good plus overall condition. A good example of Griffin...

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Custom Sporting Rifle 8 MM...

Custom Sporting Rifle 8 MM Mauser (R28852)

Price $850.00

Custom rifle made on a Mauser action. Barrel is 24". Rifle has double set adjustable triggers and two leaf rear sight. Stock is nicely checkered and has an ebony forearm tip. There is a small crack at the tang of the receiver. Bolt and rear of receiver have minor pits. Bore is excellent. Good overall condition. Rifle has been head spaced and test fired.

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Marlin Model 1893 Saddle...

Marlin Model 1893 Saddle Ring Carbine (R28758)

Price $2,975.00

This 30-30 caliber Marlin Model 1893 Saddle Ring Carbine is circa 1906. The 20" round barrel is marked SPECIAL SMOKELESS STEEL which is a post-1904 marking. The bore is fine with bright, strong rifling and light erosion in the grooves. The barrel and magazine tube have most of their blue with areas starting to turn brown. The top of the receiver is marked MARLIN SAFETY and the tang is...

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Auto Ordnance 1927A3 .22 LR...

Auto Ordnance 1927A3 .22 LR (R28425)

Price $1,495.00

Auto Ordnance 1927A3 .22 LR caliber rifle. Scarce .22 caliber version of the Tommy Gun. Has a 50-round drum and three 30-round stick magazines and adaptor.


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Remington Arms 141 .35 Rem...

Remington Arms 141 .35 Rem (R28319)

Price $675.00

Remington Arms 141 .35 Rem caliber rifle. Slide action rifle made in 1935. Bore is excellent. Has been refinished. Very good overall condition.


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Ross Rifle Co. Model 1910...

Ross Rifle Co. Model 1910 Sporter .280 Ross...

Price $1,795.00

Ross Rifle Co. Model 1910 Sporter .280 Ross caliber rifle. Haas 95% blue. The bore is very good, smooth with excellent rifling and just a bit dark. The stock has some light marks, very good condition. A fine example of a scarce Sporter Ross rifle.


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Marlin 27-S .25 RF (R28157)

Marlin 27-S .25 RF (R28157)

Price $875.00

Marlin 27-S .25 RF caliber rifle. Slide action rifle with tang peep sight. Bore has strong rifling with minor frosting. Metal has a thinning blue turning to patina. Action works perfectly. Very good overall condition.


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Savage 99 Takedown...

Savage 99 Takedown .250-3000 Savage (R28362)

Price $1,250.00

Savage 99 Takedown .250-3000 Savage caliber rifle. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. Rifle has approximately 90% plus blue. Butt stock is very good with excellent checkering. Neat Takedown Model 99!


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Savage 99 .25-35 WCF...

Savage 99 .25-35 WCF (R28268)

Price $1,095.00

Savage 99 .25-35 WCF caliber carbine. Model 99 carbine. Barrel length 20”. Very good bore with strong rifling. Action works perfectly. This is a very good sharp Savage carbine. Stocks are very good with 99% varnish which we think was applied later on but gives the carbine a really good eye appeal! Neat caliber in .25-35.


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German Guild Single Shot...

German Guild Single Shot 7.6mm (R28166)

Price $1,450.00

German Guild Single Shot 7.6mm caliber rifle. Schutzen target rifle made in 1927. Barrel is marked, under forearm, 7.6mm. Bore is excellent. Receiver has vivid case colors. Double set adjustable triggers. Has some light wear, otherwise very good condition.


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Savage 99 Takedown .250-300...

Savage 99 Takedown .250-300 Savage (R28116)

Price $1,250.00

Savage 99 Takedown .250-300 Savage caliber rifle. Takedown model made in 1941. Receiver has been drilled and tapped for a scope. Stock has a repaired crack on tang. Bore is mint. Good to very good overall condition.


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Remington New Model No. 4...

Remington New Model No. 4 Take-Down Rolling...

Price $650.00

Remington New Model No. 4 Take-Down Rolling Block .32 Short/Long Rimfire caliber rifle. 22½” Octagonal barrel with fine bore with some frosting in the grooves. The barrel retains approximately 90% original blue, turning plumb. Traces of the case colors are visible on the receiver. Stock are very good with storage nicks and dings and a small chip at the heel. The sights are correct. Action...

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