Pre-War Sporting Rifles

Marlin Model '94 Rifle...

Marlin Model '94 Rifle .32-20 Winchester (R39005)

Price $1,145.95

SN:D1984. Manufactured between the years of 1906 & 1915 for the .32-20 Winchester cartridge with a 24" octagonal barrel. Overall good condition with case coloring visible in protected areas. Minor etching is noted along the barrel and receiver. Bore is very good with some frosting noted in the strong rifling. Stock has had a light coat of varnish added with light scratches and dings...

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Remington 14 Rifle .30 Rem...

Remington 14 Rifle .30 Rem (R39439)

Price $475.00

SN:107772. Pre-war production, .30 Rem, 18" barrel. Slide action carbine. The metal shows patina, the wood is very good. The bore is fair with strong rifling and even etching. The receiver has a "custom" game scene lightly engraved on it, marked "F.E.R./1956". Some holes have been drilled and tapped in the frame, probably for a scope mount.

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Mauser Model 1889 Belgian...

Mauser Model 1889 Belgian Rifle 7.65x53mm...

Price $750.00

SN:K7836. Manufactured in 1916, 7.65x53mm Argentine cartridge; with a 22" barrel. Overall condition is very good & the rifle has an excellent bore. Comes with adjustable leather sling.

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U.S. Springfield Armory...

U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1903 .30-06 (R39015)

Price $1,200.00

SN:963348. Manufactured in 1918, in .30-06 with a 24" barrel. 1918 Springfield Armory receiver with a Sept. 1930 Springfield barrel & scant stock. Overall very good condition with excellent bore.

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Savage Model 99 Takedown...

Savage Model 99 Takedown .300 Savage (R38937)

Price $1,250.00

Serial No. 243248, made in 1922, 300 savage, 24" round barrel, Original bluing is starting to thin in some areas. Case coloring is still noted on the lever. Bore is excellent, stock shows minor wear with staining noted at the butt-stock Action is nice and crisp. Good looking takedown model!

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Marlin Model 27 pump-action...

Marlin Model 27 pump-action .32-20 (R38944)

Price $895.00

513 made in 1909, 32-20, 24" octagonal barrel. Wood have been refurbished and metal is starting to turn, bore is bright with strong rifling. Receiver has areas of surface pitting along the upper edge. Action is smooth and crisp. Overall a good looking pump-action!

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Winchester Model 1895...

Winchester Model 1895 .30-06 (R39124)

Price $1,895.00

Serial No. 411836, made in 1921, .30-06 (.30GOVT06),24" round barrel. Overall good condition, metal still has approximately 40% original bluing starting to turn to a light brown patina. Bore is excellent, Stock has minor dings, and scratches. Action functions correctly with a tight lock up. 

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Remington Model 8 semi-auto...

Remington Model 8 semi-auto rifle .35rem (R38934)

Price $895.00

Serial No. 61282. made in 1929, .35Rem, 22" barrel. Overall good condition, with light handling wear visible. Bore is good with light surface frosting visible in the grooves. Rifling is strong. 

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Savage 99 Custom 4-Barrel...

Savage 99 Custom 4-Barrel Set (R38125)

Price $2,500.00

SN: 317490. A neat custom assembled 4-barrel takedown set. Has barrels in .250-3000, .22 Hi-Power, .30-30 and .410 gauge. Bores are all excellent. The metal has been refinished and looks very good with just the .250 and .410 barrels showing some wear. The wood is very good with light marks. Comes in a Gun Guard case with a custom inletted interior. A great set, giving you a Savage 99...

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Marlin 1893 30-30 (R32402)

Marlin 1893 30-30 (R32402)

Price $1,175.00

SN:D2698. Lever action rifle. Barrel is 26". Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Action works properly. Metal has a grey and brown patina on receiver and tube. Receiver has been drilled and tapped for a scope. Good overall condition.

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Stevens 101 .44 Shot (R31743)

Stevens 101 .44 Shot (R31743)

Price $329.95

.44 Caliber smooth bore. Barrel is 26". Metal has a grey patina. Action works properly. Fair overall condition.

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Custom Sporting Rifle on a...

Custom Sporting Rifle on a Mauser Action 30-06...

Price $595.00

Custom sporting rifle built on a Argentine Mauser action. Barrel has been rechambered for 30-06. Bore is excellent. Bolt has been turned down, and is very well done. Flip up rear sight. Very good overall condition.

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German 8X42Rmm Schutzen...

German 8X42Rmm Schutzen Rifle by Franz Ernst...

Price $3,350.00

This very nice example of the German Schutzen rifle was made by the well known maker Franz Ernst of Nurnberg. The overall length is approx. 47". The 31.5" octagon 8X42Rmm caliber barrel has an excellent bore with bright, strong rifling. The top of the barrel is matted with a wider area for mounting telescopic sights. The right side flat at the receiver is marked FRANZ ERNST and the left is...

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Stevens Favorite Model 1915...

Stevens Favorite Model 1915 .25 Stevens (R32662)

Price $249.95

Single shot falling block rifle. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Action works properly. Stock has a small crack at tang that will need repair. Metal has a grey patina. Fair overall condition.

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Stevens Favorite Model 1915...

Stevens Favorite Model 1915 .32 Long (R32660)

Price $195.00

Single shot rifle made prior to WWII. Bore has strong rifling with pitting. Metal has a grey and brown patina. Action works properly. Butt plate has a chip at the toe. Fair overall condition.

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Marlin 1893 30-30 Win....

Marlin 1893 30-30 Win. (R32654)

Price $895.00

SN:284615. Manufactured in 1904. Barrel is 26". Stock has a crack at the wrist that needs repair. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Action works properly. Tang is marked "Model 1893". Reasonably priced.

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Remington 30 Express 30-06...

Remington 30 Express 30-06 (R32653)

Price $1,795.00

SN:8031. Pre-war bolt action rifle manufactured in 1927. Bore is excellent. Stock is excellent with sharp checkering. Near excellent overall condition. A very fine example.

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Marlin 1894 Saddle Ring...

Marlin 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine .25-20 (R32648)

Price $875.00

SN:417878. Saddle ring carbine model. Tang is marked "Model '94". Metal has a grey and brown patina. Bore has shallow rifling with pitting. Action works properly. Fair overall condition. Reasonably priced.

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Marlin 1893 25-36 Marlin...

Marlin 1893 25-36 Marlin (R32713)

Price $1,050.00

SN:387825. Manufactured approximately 1907. Barrel is 24". Metal has a grey and brown patina. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Action works properly. Can be used with modern ammunition, per barrel marks of "Special smokeless steel". Good overall condition.

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Standard Arms Model G Slide...

Standard Arms Model G Slide Action Rifle (R32705)

Price $1,850.00

The Standard Arms Co. of Wilmington, DE, operated from late 1910 to April 1914 with a total production of approx. 7,000 rifles. They manufactured two types of rifles, the Model G autoloader which was the first U.S. gas operated rifle, and the Model M, a slide action only rifle. This Model G is chambered in 30 Remington caliber. The 22" barrel has a fair dark bore with visible rifling. It...

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