Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP...

Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP 7mm-08 (R39453)

Price $499.95

SN: P203927. Bolt-action rifle combo with Vortex crossfire II 3-9x40 with a length of pull of 13.5" and adjustable acutrigger. Overall excellent condition. Comes with box.

Remington 700 BDL Rifle...

Remington 700 BDL Rifle .300 Win Mag (R39220)

Price $1,349.95

SN: A6687252. Manufactured in 1979, 300 Winchester Magnum, 24" barrel. Bolt-action hunting rifle in excellent condition with a Redfield Widefield 3-9 scope and a leather sling. Overall excellent condition.

Savage 12 BVSS .308 Win...

Savage 12 BVSS .308 Win (R31926)

Price $995.00

SN: H181369. Stainless steel varmint/target rifle with 26" heavy fluted barrel and laminated stock. Excellent condition.

Ruger Mini-14 Rifle .223...

Ruger Mini-14 Rifle .223 Rem (R39478)

Price $1,699.95

SN:185-57259. Manufactured circa 1982, .223 Remington with an 18.5" barrel. Pre-ban Government barrel with bayonet lug and flash hider. Overall excellent condition.

Remington 742C Carbine...

Remington 742C Carbine .30-06 (R38873)

Price $749.95

SN: 72609. Made in 1961. .30-06 caliber with a 19" barrel. Scarce semi-auto carbine model. Has a Bushnell Scope Chief 2.5X scope. Very good condition.

Browning X-Bolt Medallion...

Browning X-Bolt Medallion Rifle .300 Win Mag...

Price $1,159.95

Bolt action 1:10 twisted, 26" blued .300 Win Mag rifle set in glossy walnut with a rosewood fore-end. With a 13.625" LOP, a .6875" DAC, and a .5" DAH. NEW. UPC:023614258254.

Weatherby Vanguard Rifle...

Weatherby Vanguard Rifle 7mm-08 (R39464)

Price $679.95

SN:VS217220. Manufactured circa 1990s, 7mm-08 Remington with a 20" barrel & 13.25" LOP. Equipped with a Leupold 3-9x scope. In excellent condition.

Ruger Mini-14 Rifle .223...

Ruger Mini-14 Rifle .223 Rem (R39417)

Price $995.00

SN: 182-49677, made circa 1981, .223 Remington with a 18.5" Barrel. Bore is in excellent condition with 96% blue remaining. Stock shows minor handling wear. Overall near excellent condition. 

Remington 700 Holland...

Remington 700 Holland Custom .25-06 (R38157)

Price $1,995.00

SN: 6551427. Custom built bolt action rifle by Holland Custom of Oregon. Uses a Remington 700 action with spiral fluted bolt, fluted 24" barrel with muzzle brake and composite stock. A fine custom rifle, in excellent condition.

Steyr Scout AT Rifle 6.5...

Steyr Scout AT Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor (R39484)

Price $1,650.00

SN:3208291. Manufactured after 2020, 6.5 Creedmoor with a 20" threaded barrel. Equipped with an OD Green stock with an extra magazine compartment & integrated flip-up irons. With case. In excellent condition.

Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan...

Ruger M77 Hawkeye Alaskan Rifle .300 WinMag...

Price $1,829.95

Modern all-weather big bore bolt rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, 20" hammer forged barrel. Stainless finish, muzzle brake, & over-molded Hogue stock. NEW. UPC:736676571024.

Tikka T3x Rifle .308 WIN...

Tikka T3x Rifle .308 WIN (NGZ3227) NEW

Price $1,169.95

NEW. Modern production, stainless steel, .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO), 22" barrel. Equipped with smoke-grey laminated stock. UPC:082442859781.

Kimber 84M Hunter Pro .308...

Kimber 84M Hunter Pro .308 WIN (R39388)

Price $999.95

SN: KAA117641. Modern production, .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO), 23" threaded all-weather barrel. Digital camouflage finish. In excellent condition.

Springfield M1A Tanker...

Springfield M1A Tanker Rifle .308 Win (R39276)

Price $1,795.00

SN: 530886. Modern Production, .308 Win, 16.25" barrel. Modern semi-auto version of the M14 with shortened "Tanker configuration" with Walnut stock, adjustable sights, XS tritium sights, 1:11 right hand twist. Overall excellent condition. Comes with range bag.

Ruger Mini-14 Rifle .223...

Ruger Mini-14 Rifle .223 Rem (R39288)

Price $1,395.00

SN:185-83694. Made in 1990, .223 Remington, 18" barrel. In excellent condition. Installed with a BSA Deerhunter scope & sling.

Browning X-Bolt Speed Rifle...

Browning X-Bolt Speed Rifle .30-06 Sprg (R39234)

Price $1,049.95

SN: JP67141YY354. Modern production, .30-06 Springfield, 22" barrel. Bolt-action hunting rifle with a fluted threaded barrel with a radial break. In excellent condition