.17 & .22 Rimfire Rifles

BSA Martini International...

BSA Martini International .22 LR (R28644)

Price $2,175.00

Target rifle with Unertl sighting tube, extended lever, adjustable butt plate, and pommel swell. Bore is excellent. Wood has some nicks and dings, no cracks. Very good overall condition with case and accessories.

Remington 121 Fieldmaster...

Remington 121 Fieldmaster .22 LR (R28523)

Price $695.00

Vintage pump rifle. The frame and wood are in very good condition. The barrel has numerous areas of pitting on the outside, the bore is excellent. A decent looking .22 rifle except for the pitting on the barrel.

Remington 41 .22 S,L,LR...

Remington 41 .22 S,L,LR (R28469)

Price $199.95

Remington 41 .22 S,L,LR caliber rifle. Single shot rifle, has been refinished. Bore is excellent. Good overall condition.


Polish WZ48 .22 LR (R28291)

Polish WZ48 .22 LR (R28291)

Price $579.95

Polish WZ48 .22 LR caliber rifle. Polish post-war Nagant trainer. Bolt is matching. Bore is excellent. Very good overall condition.


Remington 12-A .22 S,L,LR...

Remington 12-A .22 S,L,LR (R28155)

Price $579.95

Remington 12-A .22 S,L,LR caliber rifle. Pre-war slide action rifle. Metal has a brown patina. Bore has strong rifling with pits. Good overall condition.


Mauser Sport Model .22 LR...

Mauser Sport Model .22 LR (R28154)

Price $495.00

Mauser Sport Model .22 LR caliber rifle. German trainer rifle made pre-war. Stock has cracks near forearm and safety, and a Mauser cartouche near butt plate. Bore is excellent. Good overall condition.


Deutsche Werke Model 1 .22...

Deutsche Werke Model 1 .22 (R28153)

Price $395.00

Deutsche Werke Model 1 .22 caliber rifle. German made single shot youth rifle made in the 1920’s. To operate pull back and up, in a fluid motion, on cocking nob. Bore has strong rifling with frosting. Stock has a repaired crack and a faint cartouche on left side. An interesting and neat single shot boys rifle.


Mossberg 480 .22 LR (R28167)

Mossberg 480 .22 LR (R28167)

Price $295.00

Mossberg 480 .22 LR caliber rifle. Semi-auto. Trigger guard has a crack. Barrel is marked AC-KRO-GRUV. Bore is excellent. Very good overall condition.


 Rossi M12.22 .22LR (R27724)

Rossi M12.22 .22LR (R27724)

Price $225.00
Rossi M12.22 .22LR caliber rifle. Single shot rifle with red dot sight. Has a flash suppressors. Excellent condition.  
Ruger 10/22 .22 LR (R27655)

Ruger 10/22 .22 LR (R27655)

Price $599.95
Ruger 10/22 .22 LR caliber carbine. Semi-auto carbine with Volquartsen heavy barrel in good condition.  
Stevens Little Scout .22 LR...

Stevens Little Scout .22 LR (R27635)

Price $599.95
Stevens Little Scout .22 LR caliber rifle. Manufactured 1911-1941. Bore is very good. Receiver retains most of its case colors. Very good overall condition. These youth rifles usually were used hard and are tough to find in good condition.  
C.G. Haenel K.K. Sport...

C.G. Haenel K.K. Sport Target .22 LR (R27472)

Price $1,895.00
C.G. Haenel K.K. Sport Target .22 LR caliber rifle. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. 28” Octagon barrel with matted top barrel flat. Rifle has a palm rest. Butt stock and forend have perfect checkering. Forend has a rail Has a Schnauble tip. Barrel has a rail mounted iron sight and a foggy 15X target scope. Iron front sight has a bulls-eye diopter. Butt plate is steel. Rife has 95-98%...
Mars Model Air Rifle (R27145)

Mars Model Air Rifle (R27145)

Price $314.96

Mars Model Air Rifle. Receiver is marked Venuswaffenwerk Zella-Mehlis (Germany). Has some wear otherwise good condition.

Remington UMC 16...

Remington UMC 16 Autoloading .22 Rem Auto...

Price $795.00
Remington UMC 16 Autoloading .22 Rem Auto caliber rifle. Pre-war semi-auto rifle. Shoots .22 Auto not .22 LR. Bore is excellent. Good overall condition. Ammo still available.  
Marlin Firearms 39 .22...

Marlin Firearms 39 .22 S,L,LR (R17411)

Price $4,750.00

Marlin Firearms 39 .22 S,L,LR caliber rifle. Produced in the 1920’s. 24” long octagon barrel. Excellent bore. The wood shows very minor dents and dings. The butt stock shows nice figure. Has the original butt plate. The tang sight is not marked. Has about 95% finish. Excellent condition. Gun has the star on the tang indicating an extra finish rifle. Receiver has approximately 95% case...