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Henry H014-65 6.5 Creedmoor...

Henry H014-65 6.5 Creedmoor (NGZ2843) NEW

Price $1,095.00

22" blued lever action rifle with an American straight-grip walnut stock and a 4RD magazine tube. Uses the in-hammer sliding transfer bar as safety. NEW. UPC:619835300096.

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Henry H010B .45-70 Gov't...

Henry H010B .45-70 Gov't (R38476)

Price $795.00

SN:FFSB53574. 4RD tube fed 22" octagonal lever gun with a knurled hammer spur, extended lever, brass receiver & buttpad with wooden stock & fore end. In excellent condition. Comes in box.

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Henry All Weather .45-70...

Henry All Weather .45-70 Gov't (NGZ2747) NEW

Price $1,139.95

All weather lever action side gate 18.43" hard chrome plated steel round barreled, stained hardwood stock, adjustable irons & picatinny optic rail. NEW. UPC:619835100160.

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Rossi R92 .44 Magnum (R38197)

Rossi R92 .44 Magnum (R38197)

Price $699.95

SN: 7CR054948P. Lever action rifle with 16" barrel and skinner rear sight. The bore is excellent and the action works perfectly. Overall excellent condition.

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Marlin 1895CB .45-70 (R31788)

Marlin 1895CB .45-70 (R31788)

Price $1,750.00

SN: 96205976. Original JM Cowboy model lever action rifle with 26" octagon barrel. Overall excellent condition with light use.

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Contemporary Flintlock...

Contemporary Flintlock Kentucky Rifle by St....

Price $2,250.00

Very high quality Kentucky flintlock rifle by St. Bery. Barrel is 42" with armory brown finish. Curly maple stock is nicely carbed and inlaid. Action works properly. A beautiful Kentucky rifle.

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Marlin 1895GBL .45-70 Govt...

Marlin 1895GBL .45-70 Govt (R37869)

Price $1,699.95

SN: MR93930F. Popular Blued lever action rifle with 22" barrel and laminate wood stock. Overall excellent condition. Comes with original box.

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