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Long Branch No.4 Mk.1 .303...

Long Branch No.4 Mk.1 .303 British (R32448)

Price $1,495.00

SN: 19L0420. Rare WWII Canadian, Enfield patterned, military rifle made by Long Branch in 1941. The bore is excellent and the action works perfectly. Its estimated that less than 15,000 were stamped No.4 Mk.1 Overall excellent condition. Comes with sling.

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Carl Gustafs Stads 6.5x55...

Carl Gustafs Stads 6.5x55 Swedish (R32451)

Price $995.00

SN: 63809. Swedish military Mauser dated 1900. The serials are all matching. The bore has strong rifling and is dark in the grooves. Overall very good condition.

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Turkish Mauser 98 8mm (R32427)

Turkish Mauser 98 8mm (R32427)

Price $425.00

SN: 34610. Turkish Mauser made in 1945. The serials are matching aside from the bolt. The bore is excellent. Overall very good condition. Comes with sling.

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Austrian Model 1895...

Austrian Model 1895 Infantry Rifle w/Scope...

Price $475.00

Model 1895 straight pull Austrian infantry rifle manufactured by Steyr. Converted in 1930s to 8X56Rmm (S over chamber). Blue-brown metal. Fine bore with strong rifling. Very good scock. Equipped with NcSTAR 2-7X32E scope with excellent optics. Matching numbers on barrel, receiver, bolt, and stock. Action functions correctly.

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Russian M44 Mosin Nagant...

Russian M44 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R (R32146)

Price $499.95

SN: 31405. Russian military rifle made in 1945 at Izhevsk arsenal and later refurbished. The serials are non-matching. The bore is excellent. The bolt has been altered to tilt downwards. Overall very good condition. Comes with spike bayonet and optic rail mounted.

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Turkish Model 98/22 Rifle...

Turkish Model 98/22 Rifle (R32236)

Price $375.00

8mm Mauser Czech Model 98/22 rifle with Turkish markings. T*C over ASFA over ANKARA over 1937 with Turkish "half moon" in center over chamber. Poor bore with roughness. Approx. 90% blue overall. Very good stock and handguard.  Swivels and rod present. Action functions but safety does not set. Clean it up and display it. DO NOT FIRE UNTIL IT IS THOROUGHLY CHECKED OUT BY A QUALIFIED GUNSMITH.

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Yugoslavian M24/47 in 8mm...

Yugoslavian M24/47 in 8mm Mauser (R32114)

Price $650.00

SN N19611 Import marked Yugoslavian M24/47 Mauser bolt action rifle in 7.92x57mm with an excellent bore. Overall very good to excellent condition. Comes with cleaning rod & a leather sling.

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M1896 Swedish Mauser in...

M1896 Swedish Mauser in 6.5x55mm (R32105)

Price $1,200.00

SN 238503 M1896 Swedish Mauser made in 1909 with a 29.1-inch barrel & chambered for the 6.5x55mm cartridge. Overall excellent condition with perfect bore.

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Scarce Japanese Type 30...

Scarce Japanese Type 30 Hook Safety Rifle (R31387)

Price $550.00

Kokura (Tokyo) Arsenal. 6.5mm Japanese. Poor bore with ring toward muzzle. Mostly brown metal. Good stock with lots of wear on bottom of butt and 210 stamped on right butt. Top handguard absent. Swivels present, rod absent. Action functions correctly. Clean up this rifle and find a handguard and you'll have an early representative example of the scarce Type 30 rifle.

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Zastava 98/48 8mm Mauser...

Zastava 98/48 8mm Mauser (R31714)

Price $675.00

Post WWII Yugoslavian refurbished German K98. The bore is excellent. The serials are non matching. The bolt is properly head spaced. The safety tab is marked with a German eagle over 623. The stock is in good plus condition with light varnish and some handling wear. The metal has 90% of its original blue. The Yugoslavian crest is mostly visible. Overall good plus condition. Comes with...

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Japanese Type 44 Cavalry...

Japanese Type 44 Cavalry Carbine in 6.5x50mm...

Price $1,200.00

SN 806044 Japanese Type 44 Cavalry Carbine in 6.5x50mm Arisaka that was made by Kokura Arsenal. Overall Good condition with an excellent bore. Comes with folding bayonet.

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FN 49 Argentine Contract...

FN 49 Argentine Contract 7.62x51 (R31972)

Price $2,995.00

SN: 0173. Belgian made rifle for the Argentine Navy circa 1960s.The rifle is marked "ARA" on the left of the receiver for "Armada Republica Argentina." There is an Argentine crest on the receiver. The caliber was converted .308 Win/7.62x51 and the magazine was made detachable for the contract. The bore is excellent. The stock has a serial on the right side and an "ARA" cartouche. Overall...

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French MAS 49-56 .308 Win...

French MAS 49-56 .308 Win (R31967)

Price $1,295.00

SN: H26690. Post-WWII French military rifle. Imported and converted to .308 Win. The bore is excellent. The left of the receiver has been import marked and stamped "CAL. 7.62" over ".308". Overall excellent condition. Comes with sling.

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Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30...

Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54R (R31965)

Price $599.95

SN: 10609. Pre-WWII Russian military rifle made by Izhevsk factory in 1923 and later refurbished. The serials are matching aside from the buttplate. There is an import marking on the left side of the receiver. The bore is in excellent condition. Overall very good condition.

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Russian SKS 7.62x39 (R31953)

Russian SKS 7.62x39 (R31953)

Price $1,150.00

SN: RL000608. Russian military rifle made at the Tula Arsenal. Overall excellent condition. Comes with a blade bayonet and sling.

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Chinese SKS 7.62x39  (R31820)

Chinese SKS 7.62x39 (R31820)

Price $1,250.00

All-matching Chinese Factory 26/Jianshe Arsenal SKS/Type 56 rifle. Comes with folding spike bayonet, cleaning kit, cleaning rod, and internal 10-round box magazine. Bore is in excellent condition. Import mark on the left side of the receiver.. Missing rear sling swivel. Overall excellent condition.

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German Kar98k 7.92x57 (R31813)

German Kar98k 7.92x57 (R31813)

Price $999.00

Partially sporterized German Kar98k Mauser made by J.P. SAUER in 1938. The bore is in rough/frosty condition but strong rifling remains visible. A recoil pad has been added to the stock and the receiver has been drilled and tapped for a scope base. Metal parts have little original finish left and the stock shows handling marks, scuffs and dings. Overall fair condition.

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Russian Mosin Nagant PU...

Russian Mosin Nagant PU sniper 7.62x54R (R31585)

Price $2,895.00

Soviet Model 1891/30 PU sniper rifle made by Izhevsk in 1938. The optic glass is clear and the reticle is crisp. The 30' barrel has an excellent bore. Comes with sling and cleaning rod. Stock has handling wear and has a duffel cut just behind the rear sight assembly. The rifle's overall condition is good+.

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Russian SKS rifle 7.62x39...

Russian SKS rifle 7.62x39 (R31579)

Price $849.95

All-matching Russian SKS made by Tula Arsenal in 1953 with cleaning rod, cleaning kit, and folding blade bayonet. Import marked on right side of the receiver. Comes with 30-round detachable Kalashnikov type box magazine. 20' barrel with excellent bore. Overall excellent condition.

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Italian Carcano 1891/38 TS...

Italian Carcano 1891/38 TS in 6.5x50 (R31574)

Price $595.00

Italian Carcano Model 1891/38 TS in 6.5x50mm made by Beretta in 1943. Fixed rear sight. 18' inch barrel with excellent bore marked "MADE IN ITALY" on the side. Stock is numbered to the receiver serial and the stock is in good condition with "combat wear" and handling marks. Overall condition is very good.

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