Foreign Military Rifles

WWII British Enfield No.4...

WWII British Enfield No.4 Mk1 Savage contract...

Price $1,049.95

Serial No. 64C8440AB, circa 1942-1945, .303 British, 25" round barrel. Savage lend lease Bolt action rifle in overall very good plus condition. Serial numbers are non-matching, metal is a light grey patina. Upper receiver is marked "U.S. PROPERTY" Bore is good with oxidation visible in the grooves. Stock has been lightly sanded at some point. Import mark is noted left side of receiver....

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French MAS Mle 1949 Syrian...

French MAS Mle 1949 Syrian Contract semi auto...

Price $2,250.00

Serial No. F35337, circa 1953, 7.5 French, 23" round import marked barrel. One of 6,000 rifles sent to Syria, Bore is bright with strong rifling visible. Finish and stock show expected usage and wear. Serial numbers are matching, Action functions correctly. Overall rifle is in very good plus condition. 

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Zastava M59/66 Rifle...

Zastava M59/66 Rifle 7.62x39 (R39514)

Price $795.00

SN: K-388415. Manufactured circa 1974, 7.62x39mm with a 22" barrel. The bore is excellent. Yugoslavian military rifle with grenade launcher sight ladder and blade style bayonet. Serials are matching. The stock is also marked with matching serial number. Overall excellent condition.

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Chinese SKS Semi-auto rifle...

Chinese SKS Semi-auto rifle 7.62x39 (R39414)

Price $950.00

SN: 27018264, made in 1983, 7.62x39 with 20.5" Barrel. Bore is in excellent condition. Numbers matching factory 16 spiker in excellent overall condition with excellent wood. Comes with sling, cleaning rod, & cleaning kit.

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British B.S.A. Co. No1...

British B.S.A. Co. No1 MkIII SMLE .303 British...

Price $795.00

Serial No.I89954, made in 1918, .303 British, 25" round barrel. Serial numbers are matching including magazine. Bore is bright with strong rifling noted. Stock shows expected nicks, dings and scratches. Action functions correctly. 

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Steyr M95 straight pull...

Steyr M95 straight pull rifle 8x56mm (R38871)

Price $549.95

Serial No. 1385H, made in 1903, 8x56mm, 30" round barrel. Metals surface is a light grey patina with scattered oxidation visible. Bore is dark with strong rifling. Stock shows nicks, dings and scratches. Bolt is non-matching, action functions correctly. Overall a good looking rifle.

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WWI French Mle-16...

WWI French Mle-16 Bolt-Action rifle 8mm Lebel...

Price $895.00

Serial No. 88143, circa 1916-1917, 8mm Lebel, 32" round barrel. Serial Numbers are matching except for bolt. Bore is bright with strong rifling visible. Original blue is starting to thin and turn to a grey patina. Stock has expected nicks, dings and scratches. Overall very good plus condition. 

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Enfield No.1 Mk.III .303...

Enfield No.1 Mk.III .303 British (R39259)

Price $795.00

SN:L16385. Made in 1908, .303 British, 25" barrel. Early SMLE with magazine cut off and volley sights present. Bolt is non-matching, bore is bright and shiny. Stock shows expected nicks, dings, a crack is present left side by the rear volley sight. Stock disk is missing. Action functions correctly, 

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Japanese Type 99 rifle...

Japanese Type 99 rifle 7.7mm (R38868)

Price $1,150.00

SN51291. Made between 1939 & 1940, 7.7x58mm, 26" barrel. Bore is excellent & overall condition is good to very good. This is a 4th series Nagoya with monopid & MATCHING dust cover. Chrysanthemum is in tact.

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French Mle 1907-15...

French Mle 1907-15 Remington contract 8mm Lebel...

Price $1,395.00

NSN, circa 1916, 8mm Lebel, 32" round barrel. Overall very good plus condition with minor handling use visible, bore is good with strong rifling noted. Minor surface etching is present left side receiver. Stock is near excellent. 

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Model 1892 Berthier carbine...

Model 1892 Berthier carbine 8mm Lebel (R38864)

Price $750.00

SN B14348. Made in 1900 at Chtellerault, 8x50mmR Lebel, 18" barrel. Bore is in very good + condition & the overall condition is very good with an aged patina. Clearing rod channel has been filled-in. 

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WWI British Enfield No.1...

WWI British Enfield No.1 MkIII SMLE .303...

Price $599.95

Serial No. 5547, made in 1918, .303 British, 25" round barrel. Wood has heavy usage and handling wear with nicks, dings and scratches an old repair is noted right side. Bore is dull with strong rifling visible. Bolt is non-matching, action functions correctly. Front sight is missing.

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WWII Russian Izhevsk SVT-40...

WWII Russian Izhevsk SVT-40 Semi-Auto rifle...

Price $3,395.00

Serial No. E3765, made in 1941, 7.62x54R, 27" round barrel. Overall good condition Izhevsk SVT-40 that has been arenal refurbished. Bore is excellent, serial numbers are matching except magazine. Action functions correctly. 

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Yugoslavian  SKS Rifle...

Yugoslavian SKS Rifle 7.62x39 (R39412)

Price $629.95

SN: N-552751,Made in Circa 1977, 7.62x39, 24" Barrel. Overall good condition with all matching serial numbers. Non-ported grenade launcher with a bright and shiny bore . Stock is near excellent. Action functions correctly.

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Carl Gustafs Stads 1894...

Carl Gustafs Stads 1894 carbine 6.5x55mm (R39392)

Price $549.95

SN:15601. Made in 1903, 6.5x55mm Swedish, 18.5" barrel.Overall good condition with the front barrel band/ bayonet lug missing. Bore is good with strong rifling visible, serial numbers are matching. Stock shows expected dings, nicks and scratches. 

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BRNO 98/22 8mm Mauser (R39270)

BRNO 98/22 8mm Mauser (R39270)

Price $524.95

SN: B5529. Made circa 1922-1950's, 7.62x57mm (8mm Mauser), 24.8" barrel. Overall good condition, bore is bright with strong rifling. Serial numbers are non-matching, stock is dark with expected nicks, and dings. A small surface crack is visible on the left side. Action functions correctly. 

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Turkish 98 8mm (R32587)

Turkish 98 8mm (R32587)

Price $529.95

SN:129773. Dated 1943. 7.92x57mm Mauser (8mm Mauser). 30" Barrel. Bore is dull with strong rifling visible, serial numbers are non-matching. Stock has been lightly refinished with expected wear present. No cracks or wood loss visible. Action functions correctly. 

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French Berthier Mle M-16...

French Berthier Mle M-16 Rifle 8mm Lebel (R39268)

Price $595.00

SN: 5666. Made in 1917, 8mm Lebel, 31.5" barrel. Manufactured by Et. Continsouza Arsenal, overall good condition WW1 era rifle. Bore is dull with strong rifling visible. Stock has expected usage and wear noted. Bolt is non-matching, Action functions correctly. 

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Enfield No.4  Mk.1 .303...

Enfield No.4 Mk.1 .303 British (R39243)

Price $424.95

SN:BR14193. 1944 vintage, .303 British, 25.5" barrel. Nice example of a sporterized WWII rifle. Bore is bright with strong rifling, Receiver has been drilled and tapped for scope mount. Attached is a Bushnell Sharpshooter 3x-9x,32. Bolt is matching 

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CZ 98k Mauser rifle 8mm...

CZ 98k Mauser rifle 8mm (R39266)

Price $1,350.00

SN:9475J. Manufactured in 1945, 7.92x57mm Mauser, 25" barrel. DOU.45 K98 type rifle assembled in Czechoslovakia after WW2 using left over wartime parts. Very good overall condition with an excellent bore.

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