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LWRC COMP IC-Billet SPR "Tungsten Grey" 5.56...

Price $2,549.95

Short stroke gas piston rifle with 16.1" spiral fluted barrel, Nickel Boron coated bolt, fully ambidextrous lower, modular rail and Compact LWRC adjustable stock. In "Tungsten Grey" finish. NEW. UPC: 850016966735

Remington 700 M24 SWS 7.62...

Remington 700 M24 SWS 7.62 NATO (R38114)

Price $5,500.00

SN: RR68612F. Rare commercial version of the military M24 sniper rifle. Has a Vortex Razor HD 4.5-27x56 scope mounted. The stock has been painted with a camo pattern. Comes with original box and Pelican case. A great set up, in excellent condition.

Riley Defense RAK 47...

Riley Defense RAK 47 7.62x39 (NGZ2848) NEW

Price $999.95

American-made Ak with 16.25" barrel, stained TEAK wood stock, side rail mount, bolt hold open, bayonet lug and cleaning rod. NEW. UPC: 860024700702.

LWRC M6A3 5.56 NATO (R38417)

LWRC M6A3 5.56 NATO (R38417)

Price $2,750.00

SN:03-03618. Adjustable gas piston 16" rifle with a Magpul AFG, Knight's grip panels, Troy CBTR mag, OD Green Grip, Ergo M93 stock, skeletonized trigger and anti-walk pins. In excellent condition.

Armalite AR-180 5.56 NATO...

Armalite AR-180 5.56 NATO (R38457)

Price $2,499.95

SN:S19037. Desirable Costa mesa Pre-ban rifle with 18" barrel, side charging handle, folding stock and ambidextrous safety. In excellent condition.

KelTec Sub-2000 9mm (R38421)

KelTec Sub-2000 9mm (R38421)

Price $569.95

SN:FUD43. Semi auto folding 16" lightweight carbine rifle with a polymer clamshell frame, Magpul AFG, ETSGroup clear magazine, MCARBO recoilless charging handle and safety C clips. In excellent condition.

Larue LT-762 .308 (R38409)

Larue LT-762 .308 (R38409)

Price $2,875.00

SN:0BR5948. Texas made semi-automatic 20" marksman AR rifle with a steel Larue mag, bolt and a Magpul PRS stock. In excellent condition.

Kel-Tec Sub-2000 9mm (R38411)

Kel-Tec Sub-2000 9mm (R38411)

Price $575.00

SN:ES797. Semi-automatic polymer framed 16" folding carbine with safety C-clips and takes Glock magazines. In excellent condition.

Zastava ZPAP M70 Kalash...

Zastava ZPAP M70 Kalash Bash 2022 7.62x39 (R38403)

Price $2,099.95

SN: Z70-136285. Kalash Bash 2022 AK with 16" barrel, Side mounted Zastava optic rail, Zastaava Extended M-Lok handguards, Magpul Zhukov folding stock and MOE grip. The handguards are marked With HTX Tactical logo and forward the magwell is marked "Kalash Bash 2022". Overall excellent condition.

Wise Arms/ Polish RPD...

Wise Arms/ Polish RPD 7.62x39 (R38399)

Price $6,999.95

SN: WLA29-KL01641. Polish-made semi-auto belt-fed rifle with 20" threaded barrel, bipod, wood furniture and sling. Overall excellent condition. Comes with wood crate and three drum magazines and table mounting RPD belt loader.

LWRC M61C 5.56 NATO (R38459)

LWRC M61C 5.56 NATO (R38459)

Price $2,300.00

SN:5P01038. Semi-automatic 16" fluted rifle with an ambidextrous lower and unique monoforge upper. In excellent condition.

Stag Arms Stag-15 5.56 NATO...

Stag Arms Stag-15 5.56 NATO (R38462)

Price $775.00

SN:50640. Semi-automatic 16" AR with a birdcage, A2 furniture, bayonet lug & quad rail. In excellent condition. Includes a black sling.

Palmetto PX9 9mm (PR61355)

Palmetto PX9 9mm (PR61355)

Price $699.95

SN:X9-003818. Semi-automatic pistol caliber AR-15 rifle with a Glock magwell 13.5" MLOK handguard, birdcage muzzle device, A2 grip & Magpul MOE stock. In excellent condition.

Surgeon Scalpel 591 6.5...

Surgeon Scalpel 591 6.5 Creedmoor (R30133)

Price $4,995.95

Top of the line precision long range bolt action rifle with 26" fluted barrel with black receiver finish. Standard field drab chassis. Comes with one magazine. Excellent condition.

Molot-Oruzhie VEPR RPK-74...

Molot-Oruzhie VEPR RPK-74 5.45x39 (R38423)

Price $7,499.95

SN: 17VAB5565. Pre-ban Russian made RPK patterned rifle with 23" barrel, MAGPUL MOE+ grip, ALG trigger, Epsilon AK VG6 muzzle device, side folding stock and bipod. Overall excellent condition.

POF P-15 5.56 NATO (R38407)

POF P-15 5.56 NATO (R38407)

Price $1,499.95

SN:03E-2107518. Semi-automatic 16" tactical rifle with a tungsten grey cerakote, flash hider, 14.75" MLOK handguard, Flat drop in trigger, &, MFT stock. In excellent condition.

Zastava M72 B1 7.62x39mm...

Zastava M72 B1 7.62x39mm (R38410)

Price $1,750.00

SN:722451. Heavy finned 22" AK pattern rifle with a mounted bipod, sling mounts, and wooden furniture. In excellent condition. Comes in a hardcase with a spare magazine.

Sig Sauer 516 5.56 NATO...

Sig Sauer 516 5.56 NATO (R38416)

Price $1,850.00

SN:53E06793. Semi-automatic AR-15 pattern rifle with flip up irons, Sig branded SOPMOD pattern stock, quad rail, and an ambidextrous lower. In excellent condition. Includes a QD black sling.