Side by Side Double Barrel Shotguns for Sale

Our side by side double barrel shotguns for sale include highly collectable models by Aguirre & Aranzabal, Bernardelli Holland Lusso, Francotte, Parker Brothers, and other fine gun makers. Our selection changes as we buy and sell, so make sure to check our new arrivals page often for the latest and greatest.

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SKB 200HR 28 Gauge (S14796)

SKB 200HR 28 Gauge (S14796)

Price $2,599.95

SN:NT00935.Side by side 28.5” premium field gun with case color hardened receiver and a beautifully figured walnut stock. 14.375” LOP. In excellent condition. Comes in box with set of chokes, ppwk, &, tools.

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Ithaca Model 20 20 Gauge...

Ithaca Model 20 20 Gauge (S14794)

Price $559.95

SN:S6209479.25” side by side shotgun with a two-bead sight system, fiber optic front sight, engraved receiver, &, 14.25” LOP. In excellent condition.

Previously sold
Stevens 311 Series F 20...

Stevens 311 Series F 20 Gauge (S14802)

Price $489.95

SN:A563142. Side by side double barrel 28" shotgun with nice high gloss wooden stock & fore end, bead front sight, &, a case color hardened receiver. In excellent condition.

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Prussian Charles Daly 16...

Prussian Charles Daly 16 Gauge (S14647)

Price $5,500.00

Serial number 26289. Made early 20th century. Nice sharp gun with most of the original blue finish. Case colors have mostly turned to an even gray patina Wood is excellent. Receiver is nicely factory engraved.

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L. C. Smith Ideal Grade Two...

L. C. Smith Ideal Grade Two Barrel 16 Gauge and...

Price $5,995.00

Serial number 114368. 16 gauge with 28” barrels and 20 gauge with 30” barrels. This gun is in excellent original condition. The barrels have virtually all of their original blue. The frame has excellent case colors. The wood is excellent. This is an Ejector gun.

Previously sold
Lefever Nitro Special 12...

Lefever Nitro Special 12 Gauge (S14710)

Price $450.00

SN:235781. Side by side 1927 vintage cut down to 21.5" cyl choked shotgun w|a mildly weathered checkered rose wood stock, Ivory bead front sight, &, double triggers. Excellent bore, overall good condition.

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Marlin LC28-DB 28 Gauge...

Marlin LC28-DB 28 Gauge (S14665)

Price $2,799.95

SN: 60-03-321506. Side by side shotgun with 26" barrel, screw-in chokes, and chambered for 2 3/4" shells. The LOP is 14.25". The receiver has vivid case colors and a gold game motif. Overall excellent condition.

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Tristar Brittany Classic 20...

Tristar Brittany Classic 20 Gauge (S14638)

Price $995.00

SN: 60-03-378306. Spanish made double shotgun with 27" barrels, engraved case colored receiver and fancy checkered stock. LOP is 14 5/8". Excellent condition with box.

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CZ Bobwhite G2 All Terrain...

CZ Bobwhite G2 All Terrain 20 Gauge (S14639)

Price $750.00

SN: 21G4831. Side-by-side double with 28" barrels, double triggers, straight stock and an OD green Cerakote finish. LOP is 14 5/8". Excellent condition with case.

Previously sold
Remington 1900 12 Gauge...

Remington 1900 12 Gauge (S14012)

Price $1,150.00

Side by side field gun. Barrels are are 28" choked modified and cylinder. Auto ejectors. Bores are excellent. Very good overall condition.

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SKB/Ithaca 200E 20 Gauge...

SKB/Ithaca 200E 20 Gauge (S14498)

Price $1,495.00

SN: S6209479. Side-by-side field gun with 25" Mod/Imp Cyl barrels, single selective trigger and auto ejectors. LOP is 14.25". Very good condition with light wear.

Previously sold
Stoeger Supreme Coach Gun...

Stoeger Supreme Coach Gun (S14578)

Price $459.95

SN:555459-06. 20" Coachgun with double triggers, satin walnut stock, and forend. In excellent condition.

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Lefever Nitro Special 410...

Lefever Nitro Special 410 Gauge (S14477)

Price $2,500.00

SN:204800. Scarce 410 gauge. Barrels are 26" choked full and cylinder. Bores are excellent. Original butt plate. Very good overall condition. A desirable side by side.

Previously sold
Savage 511 12 Gauge (S14542)

Savage 511 12 Gauge (S14542)

Price $449.95

SN:B289453. Side by side 12 gauge shotgun with 30" barrels, double triggers, and a case color hardened receiver. Stock has some mild hunting wear. In very good condition.

Previously sold
BSA Classic 12 Gauge (S14451)

BSA Classic 12 Gauge (S14451)

Price $1,495.00

SN: 60-03-1045. Spanish made boxlock double. Has 26” barrels, engraved receiver and fancy checkered walnut. Excellent condition with case.

Previously sold
Very Fine Hopkins & Allen...

Very Fine Hopkins & Allen Forehand 12 Gauge...

Price $1,875.00

Hammer double with 28” Damascus barrels. Barrels have almost all of their original armory brown finish and are choked full. Chambers are 2 ¾”. Bores are excellent. Receiver, lever and hammers have original case colors. Stocks are very good, checkering is sharp. Original butt plate has an inlay of a squirl. Near excellent overall condition.

Previously sold
Parker Repro DHE 28 Gauge...

Parker Repro DHE 28 Gauge (S14452)

Price $6,000.00

SN: 28-719. Parker Repro field gun with 26" Mod/Imp Cyl barrels, auto ejectors, single trigger and straight stock. Excellent condition with case.

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