Semi-Auto Shotguns

Semi-Auto Shotguns, Including Benelli & Remington Semi-Auto Shotgun Models

We carry Benelli semi-auto shotguns and Remington semi-auto shotgun models in our inventory of highly collectable firearms. Our selection of semi-auto shotguns also includes fine firearms from Beretta, Browning, Marlin, and Walther. Since our inventory changes pretty frequently, you should bookmark our new arrivals page and come back often.

Browse our selection of semi-auto shotgun models below. For other collectable shotguns, check out our over/under shotguns, side by side double barrel shotguns, and semi-auto and pump home defense shotguns.

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Stoeger 2000 12 Gauge (S14584)

Stoeger 2000 12 Gauge (S14584)

Price $399.95

SN:719592. 26" semi automatic field gun in a woodland camo and synthetic furniture. In excellent condition.

Smith & Wesson 1000 12...

Smith & Wesson 1000 12 Gauge (S14604)

Price $499.95

SN: FS92078. Semi-auto field gun with 28" vent rib barrel, choked mod and chambered for 2 3/4" shells. The LOP Is 14". Overall very good condition.

Beretta 3901 20 Gauge (S14589)

Beretta 3901 20 Gauge (S14589)

Price $925.00

SN:BU14682. Semi-automatic field gun with an engraved receiver and a 26" barrel and modified choke preinstalled. In excellent condition.

Remington 11-48 12 Gauge...

Remington 11-48 12 Gauge (S14593)

Price $449.95

SN:5157302. Semi-automatic field gun with a 28" barrel chambered for 2 3/4" shells, 14.5" LOP, and Mod choked. In near excellent condition.

Beretta A400 X-CEL...

Beretta A400 X-CEL Sporting12 Gauge (S14590)

Price $1,649.95

SN: XA262977. Semi-auto sporting shotgun with 30" vent rib barrel, screw in choke, chambered 3" shells. The LOP is 14.25". Overall excellent condition.

Mossberg 930 12 Gauge (S14572)

Mossberg 930 12 Gauge (S14572)

Price $979.95

SN:AF041634. Semi-automatic tactical shotgun with an 18.5" barrel, 3" chamber, ghost ring fiber sights, a matte parkerized finish and a synthetic black right handed stock. In excellent condition.

Fabarm XLR5 Waterfowler 12...

Fabarm XLR5 Waterfowler 12 Gauge (S14579)

Price $2,000.00

SN:FA024887. Premium, Italian, 30" semi automatic field gun with a 14.5" LOP, high vent rib barrel,1.5" DAC, and a 2.25" DAH. In excellent condition. Comes with hardcase, choke tool, and 4 extra chokes.

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro 12...

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro 12 Gauge (NGZ2512)

Price $1,589.95

Semi-automatic, 24" step rib barreled shotgun with kick-off plus and Optima Choke HP Black edition system. Legendary quick cycling with 5RD capacity and a 14.85" LOP. NEW. UPC:082442916200.

Smith & Wesson 1000 12...

Smith & Wesson 1000 12 Gauge (S14563)

Price $599.95

SN: FS32494. Semi-auto field gun with 26" vent rib barrel, choked Imp Cyl and chambered for 2 3/4" shells. The LOP of 14". Overall excellent condition.

Benelli Ethos 20 Gauge...

Benelli Ethos 20 Gauge (NGZ2454)

Price $2,749.95

26" satin walnut finished sem-automatic field gun with a 3" chamber and engraved receiver. Has a 14.375 " LOP a 2.25" DAH and a 1.5" DAC, performance shop model. NEW. UPC:650350114713.

Benelli Montefeltro 20...

Benelli Montefeltro 20 Gauge (NGZ2449) NEW

Price $1,159.95

Lightweight inertia-driven, semi-auto shotgun with 26" Crio barrel, screw-in choke tubes and chambered for 3" shells. The LOP is 12.5". NEW. UPC: 65035018668

CZ 1012 Semi Auto 12 Gauge...

CZ 1012 Semi Auto 12 Gauge (NGZ641) NEW

Price $749.95

Semi-auto sporting shotgun with 28" Barrel 3" chamber 4rd capacity Turkish walnut forend and stock. bronze finish. NEW. UPC:806703063539

Beretta AL1 12 Gauge (S14531)

Beretta AL1 12 Gauge (S14531)

Price $499.95

SN: D32184. Semi-auto field gun with 26" barrel, choked Imp Cyl and chambered for 2 3/4" shells. The LOP is 14.25". Overall excellent condition.

Beretta A400 20 Gauge...

Beretta A400 20 Gauge (NGZ2297) NEW

Price $1,779.95

Semi-auto shotgun with a 26" vent rib barrel, a 3" chamber and a 14.5" LOP. With wood furniture and a nickel finish. NEW. UPC:082442923772.