Semi-Auto Shotguns

Semi-Auto Shotguns, Including Benelli & Remington Semi-Auto Shotgun Models

We carry Benelli semi-auto shotguns and Remington semi-auto shotgun models in our inventory of highly collectable firearms. Our selection of semi-auto shotguns also includes fine firearms from Beretta, Browning, Marlin, and Walther. Since our inventory changes pretty frequently, you should bookmark our new arrivals page and come back often.

Browse our selection of semi-auto shotgun models below. For other collectable shotguns, check out our over/under shotguns, side by side double barrel shotguns, and semi-auto and pump home defense shotguns.

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Remington 1100 Youth 20...

Remington 1100 Youth 20 Gauge (S12646)

Price $599.95

Semi-auto Youth shotgun with 21" Remchoke barrel and 13" LOP. The receiver has some light rust speckling. The stock is in very good condition.

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Remington 11-48 20 Gauge...

Remington 11-48 20 Gauge (S12554)

Price $450.00

Semi-auto field gun. Barrel is 28" choked modified. Bore is excellent. Length of pull is 14" with pad. Has normal hunting wear, overall condition is very good.

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Savage 720 12 Gauge (S12553)

Savage 720 12 Gauge (S12553)

Price $349.95

Semi-auto field gun with 30" barrel choked full. Stocks have some hunting wear, otherwise fair overall condition.

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Remington 1100 12 Gauge...

Remington 1100 12 Gauge (S12548)

Price $695.00

Semi-auto field gun with 28" vent rib barrel choked modified. Length of pull is 14.75" with pad. Very good overall condition.

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Savage 775A 16 Gauge (S12545)

Savage 775A 16 Gauge (S12545)

Price $249.95

Semi-auto field gun 1950's-1960's production with light weight receiver, 25" barrel with Poly Choke, and 14" length of pull with pad. Stocks have hunting wear. Fair overall condition.

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Weatherby SA-08 20 Gauge...

Weatherby SA-08 20 Gauge (S12650)

Price $495.00

Semi-auto field gun with 26" barrel and walnut stock. Excellent condition with a few light handling marks.

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Remington 11-48 .410 Gauge...

Remington 11-48 .410 Gauge (S12640)

Price $995.00

Scarce .410 semi-auto field gun with 25" Imp Cyl barrel. The metal is excellent, the stock is very good with light wear.

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Remington Sportsman 12...

Remington Sportsman 12 Gauge (S12495)

Price $795.00

US marked flaming bomb marked on barrel. Barrel has a Cutt's Compensator. Length of pull is 13 1/2" with pad. Trigger guard has a number added. Very good overall condition.

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Benelli Super Black Eagle...

Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 Gauge (S12573)

Price $995.00

Semi-auto field gun with 26" ported barrel, walnut stocks and extended choke. Overall gun has some field wear and is in very good condition.

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Remington 11-48 12 Gauge...

Remington 11-48 12 Gauge (S12477)

Price $249.95

Semi-auto field gun. Has quite a bit of hunting wear. Receiver is turning a brown patina. Forearm has a small crack by receiver. Barrel has a Poly Choke and is 26". Length of pull is 13 3/8" with pad. Pad will need to be replaced. This could make for a good project gun.

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Remington 1100LT-20 20...

Remington 1100LT-20 20 Gauge (S12613)

Price $650.00

Popular small frame 20 gauge autoloader with 28" Mod choke barrel. The metal has light speckling on the barrel and receiver, the stock shows some light marks. Overall very good condition and ready for the field.

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Browning Sweet Sixteen 16...

Browning Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge (S12560)

Price $1,150.00

Popular Auto-5 Sweet Sixteen, has been refinished and looks good. Barrel is 28" choked modified. Stocks are good with some field wear, not cut for a butt pad. Bore is excellent. Very good overall condition. A desirable Belgian made gun, reasonably priced.

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Browning Auto 5 Sweet...

Browning Auto 5 Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge (S12494)

Price $1,295.00

Origianl Belgian made. Vent rib barrel is 26" choked modified. Horn butt plate has bug damage. Stocks have field wear. Good overall condition. A reasonably priced Sweet Sixteen.

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Benelli Elite 2-Gun 12...

Benelli Elite 2-Gun 12 Gauge & 20 Gauge Set...

Price $4,950.00

Limited edition pair of beautiful semi-auto field guns, one 12 gauge and the other 20 gauge. Both guns have 26" barrels, engraved and gold inlaid receivers and gorgeous deluxe walnut. A premium set, in excellent condition. No case, just the guns.

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