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You might find a Mossberg 930 SPX for sale in our large inventory of pump and semi-auto tactical shotguns and shotguns for home defense. In addition to Mossberg pump and semi-auto tactical shotguns for sale, we also routinely carry scatterguns from Benelli, FN, and Remington. Our inventory changes frequently, so make sure you visit our new arrivals page often.

Browse our selection of tactical shotguns for sale and shotguns for home defense below. For other highly collectable shotguns, try our Browning shotguns, semi-auto shotguns, and pump shotguns. For other tactical weapons, check out our tactical and Class III firearms.

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Charles Daly Honcho 12...

Charles Daly Honcho 12 Gauge (S15101)

Price $299.95

SN: CD-USA04220202. Modern Production, 12 Gauge with a 14" barrel. Pump action home defense gun with 14" barrel and birds head grip. Overall excellent condition. Comes with box.

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Mossberg 500 Shotgun 12...

Mossberg 500 Shotgun 12 Gauge (S15043)

Price $449.95

SN: U555995. Modern production, 12 Gauge, with 18.5" barrel. Bore is excellent. Pump action tactical shotgun with gold bead front dot sight, adjustable stock and pistol grip. Overall very good condition. Comes with side saddle shell holder mounted.

Previously sold
Kalashnikov USA KS-12T...

Kalashnikov USA KS-12T Shotgun 12 Gauge...

Price $999.95

Semi-auto tactical shotgun with collapsible stock and a handguard with picatinny rail sections. Includes single ten round magazine and a hard case. NEW. UPC:811777021774.

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Mossberg 930 SPX Blackwater...

Mossberg 930 SPX Blackwater Tactical Shotgun 12...

Price $699.95

SN: AF080299. Manufactured circa 2010's, 12 gauge with an 18.5" barrel. Bore is excellent. Semi-auto shotgun with pistol grip, extended magazine tube, ghost rings sights, and XS optic rail. Left side of the receiver has "Blackwater" logo. Overall very good condition.

Previously sold
IWI TS12 12 Gauge (NGZ580) New

IWI TS12 12 Gauge (NGZ580) New

Price $1,450.00

Tactical bullpup shotgun with rotating magazine tube for 15 round capacity. 18.5" barrel. FDE. Accepts Beretta chokes. NEW UPC:818004020357

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KEL-TEC KSG 12 Gauge (S13754)

KEL-TEC KSG 12 Gauge (S13754)

Price $879.95

Pump Action bullpup shotgun with a 18.5" barrel with a 14+1 capacity, Overall in excellent condition comes with sling and box.

Previously sold
Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12...

Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12 Gauge (S15312)

Price $549.95

SN:V1450624. Modern production, 12 Gauge, 14.5" barrel. Equipped with a Crimson Trace laser sight & sling. In excellent condition.

Previously sold
Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge (S15321)

Kel-Tec KSG 12 Gauge (S15321)

Price $799.95

SN:XXHQ43. Modern production, 12 Gauge, 18.5" barrel. Double magazine tube, pump action tactical shotgun. In excellent condition.

Previously sold
Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun 12...

Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun 12 Gauge (S15324)

Price $699.95

SN:QBZ53. Modern, pump action, 12 gauge, 18.5" bullpup shotgun with a 14" LOP. Installed with a multi-reticle RDS & green laser. In excellent condition. Come in a Smith & Wesson M&P Range bag.

Previously sold
Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun 12...

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun 12 Gauge (S15058)

Price $799.95

SN: XTR21. Modern Production, 12 Gauge, 18.5" barrel length. Pump action shotgun with dual magazine tubes and a brown finish. In excellent condition.

Previously sold
Nighthawk Tactical Overseer...

Nighthawk Tactical Overseer Model 2.5 Shotgun...

Price $1,799.95

SN:RS13036H. Modern production pump-action shotgun with a 18.5" ported barrel in 12 gauge by Nighthawk Customs. Has ghost ring sights with a picatinny rail, Mesa Tactical SureShell carrier. In excellent condition. 

Previously sold
Beretta 1301 Tactical 12...

Beretta 1301 Tactical 12 Gauge (S14741)

Price $1,489.95

SN:TA007649. Semi-automatic tactical shotgun with a set of ghost ring sights an extended charging handle & bolt release. In excellent condition. Outfitted with a Surefire weapon light.

Previously sold
Remington M887 Nitromag 12...

Remington M887 Nitromag 12 GA (S14768)

Price $399.95

SN: ARM010147. Tactical model with 3.5 inch chamber 18.5 inch barrel with ported REM-choke. Supercell recoil pad. 12 slot picatinny rail on top of receiver. Overall excellent condition.

Previously sold
Mossberg Maverick 88...

Mossberg Maverick 88 'Cruiser Tactical' 12...

Price $325.00

SN:MV0666274. Slide action 20.5" home defense shotgun with a gold bead front sight post, a pistol grip, & an extended magazine tube. In excellent condition.

Previously sold
Izhmash Saiga-12 12 Gauge...

Izhmash Saiga-12 12 Gauge (S14683)

Price $1,250.00

SN:H11418335. Semi-automatic Russian-made automatic shotgun in its' original hunting synthetic furniture. In excellent condition.

Previously sold
Remington 870 12 Gauge...

Remington 870 12 Gauge (S14865)

Price $395.00

SN: S145603V. Vintage riot gun with 20" Cyl bore barrel and wood stock. Shows wear and use, good condition overall.

Previously sold
Remington 870 Tac-14 12...

Remington 870 Tac-14 12 Gauge (S14682)

Price $500.00

SN:RF49014A. Pump action home defense shotgun with a GG&G shell 8RD sidecar, Magpul M-Lok pump & a sling point. In excellent condition.

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