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You might find a Mossberg 930 SPX for sale in our large inventory of pump and semi-auto tactical shotguns and shotguns for home defense. In addition to Mossberg pump and semi-auto tactical shotguns for sale, we also routinely carry scatterguns from Benelli, FN, and Remington. Our inventory changes frequently, so make sure you visit our new arrivals page often.

Browse our selection of tactical shotguns for sale and shotguns for home defense below. For other highly collectable shotguns, try our Browning shotguns, semi-auto shotguns, and pump shotguns. For other tactical weapons, check out our tactical and Class III firearms.

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Arsenal Saiga 12 12 Gauge...

Arsenal Saiga 12 12 Gauge (S13621)

Price $995.00

Izhmash Saiga imported by Arsenal. Magazine fed, semi-automatic. Rifle stock with black finish. Very god condition.

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Mossberg 930 SPX 12 Gauge...

Mossberg 930 SPX 12 Gauge (NGZ739) New

Price $899.95

930 spx, semi-automatic 12 gauge, 3" chamber, 18.5" cylinder barrel, matte finish, synthetic stock, ghost ring sight, 7rd, w/scope mount. New. UPC:015813853606

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Mossberg 930 12 Gauge...

Mossberg 930 12 Gauge (NGZ726) New

Price $629.95

Mossberg 930, semi-automatic shotgun, 12 gauge, 18.5" barrel, 3" chamber, matte finish, synthetic stock, right hand, bead sight, 7rd. New. UPC:015813853224

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Mossberg Maverick 88 12...

Mossberg Maverick 88 12 Gauge (NGZ723) New

Price $259.95

Model 88, cruiser, pump action, 12 gauge, 3" chamber, 20" cylinder barrel, blued finish, black synthetic pistol grip, 7rd, bead sight. New. UPC:049533310804

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Black Aces Tactical FD12 12...

Black Aces Tactical FD12 12 Gauge (S13067)

Price $699.95

Semi-auto bullpup with overall length of just 28" in a nice compact package. Includes vertical grip. Comes with two 3-round magazines and 3 chokes. very good with box.

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Benelli M4 LE 12 Gauge...

Benelli M4 LE 12 Gauge (S13616)

Price $2,295.00

tactical home defense shotgun with 7+1 capacity and top optics mount. Very good condition.

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Remington 870 Tactical 12...

Remington 870 Tactical 12 Gauge (NGZ637) NEW

Price $449.95

Tactical pistol grip model with 18.5" barrel, matte blued finish, synthetic furniture, fixed sights and extended magazine tube. Capacity is 5+1. NEW. UPC: 810070683924

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Arsenal Saiga .410 Gauge...

Arsenal Saiga .410 Gauge (S13064)

Price $1,495.00

Ak style semi-automatic magazine fed shotgun. Comes with 3 magazines and original box. Very good condition.

Beretta 1301 Tactical 12...

Beretta 1301 Tactical 12 Gauge (NGZ623) New

Price $1,250.00

Tactical shotgun with 18.5 barrel", tapered loading port, enlarged bolt handle, enlarged bolt release, picatinny optic mount, and ghost ring sight. 4+1. New. UPC:082442894126

Mossberg 500 12 Gauge (S13326)

Mossberg 500 12 Gauge (S13326)

Price $495.00

Home defense pump shotgun with 18.5" barrel and synthetic stocks. Very good overall condition.

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IWI TS12 12 Gauge (NGZ580) New

IWI TS12 12 Gauge (NGZ580) New

Price $1,450.00

Tactical bullpup shotgun with rotating magazine tube for 15 round capacity. 18.5" barrel. FDE. Accepts Beretta chokes. NEW UPC:818004020357

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Benelli M2 Tactical 12...

Benelli M2 Tactical 12 Gauge (S13256)

Price $1,095.00

Home defense shotgun with 18.25" barrel, ghost ring rear sight and ComforTech stock. Excellent condition with box and extra choke.

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