Other Shotguns: Rare Models Like the Chiappa 1887 Lever Action Shotgun

The Chiappa 1887 lever action shotgun and other rare, hard-to-find models make up our quirky inventory of other shotguns. Because our inventory changes all the time, make sure to visit our new arrivals page often.

Check out our other shotguns below, then head on over to our selection of single shot shotguns, antique shotguns and trap guns, and rifle shotgun combination guns for more highly collectable models.

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Mossberg 183T .410 (S11397)

Mossberg 183T .410 (S11397)

Price $269.95
Mossberg 183T .410 Gauge shotgun. Bolt Action .410 repeater. Very good condition.  
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Mossberg 183D-D .410 Gauge...

Mossberg 183D-D .410 Gauge (S11202)

Price $299.95
Mossberg 183D-D .410 Gauge shotgun. Bolt action .410 repeater. The metal is excellent. The stock has some marks. Overall very good condition.  
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Adler A-110 .410 Gauge...

Adler A-110 .410 Gauge (S11185)

Price $389.95
Adler A-110 .410 Gauge shotgun. Unusual lever action .410 shotgun. Excellent condition with box.  
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Henry H018-410 .410 Gauge...

Henry H018-410 .410 Gauge (nS11040) New

Price $839.95
Henry H018-410 .410 Gauge shotgun. Lever action shotgun with 24” Full choke barrel, 2½’ chamber, 5+1 capacity, round Barrel and walnut stock. New.  
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Zhong Zhou PW87 12 Gauge...

Zhong Zhou PW87 12 Gauge (nS10978) New

Price $359.95
Zhong Zhou PW87 12 Gauge shotgun. Lever action shotgun 20” barrel, 2¾” 4+1 capacity, bead sight and walnut stock. New.  
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Mossberg 385KB 20 Gauge...

Mossberg 385KB 20 Gauge (S10957)

Price $369.95
Mossberg 385KB 20 Gauge shotgun. Bolt action shotgun with clip magazine. Has a multi-choke barrel. Excellent condition.  
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Mossberg 195 12 Gauge (S10917)

Mossberg 195 12 Gauge (S10917)

Price $349.95
Mossberg 195 12 Gauge shotgun. Bolt action shotgun with box magazine, Multi-choke and ports. Excellent condition.  
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Remington 11-48 410 Gauge...

Remington 11-48 410 Gauge (S10795)

Price $799.95
Remington 11-48 410 Gauge shotgun. Desirable 410 gauge semi-auto with 25” full choke barrel. Very good plus overall condition.  
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Mossberg 183DF 410 Gauge...

Mossberg 183DF 410 Gauge (S10794)

Price $395.00
Mossberg 183DF 410 Gauge shotgun. Bolt action 410 gauge with internal magazine and variable choke. Excellent condition.  
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Scarce Roper Revolving 16...

Scarce Roper Revolving 16 Gauge (S10358)

Price $2,250.00
Scarce Roper Revolving 16 Gauge shotgun. Early model manufactured at Amherst, Massachusetts from 1867-1868. Loading gate is marked “Roper Repeating Rifle Co. Amherst Mass”. 26” barrel has a brown patina. Wood is good with minor nicks and dings, no cracks. A hard to find Roper Revolving shotgun.  
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Mossberg 185K-B 20 Gauge...

Mossberg 185K-B 20 Gauge (S10202)

Price $229.95
Mossberg 185K-B 20 Gauge shotgun. Bolt action shotgun with 24” barrel and compensator and Poly choke.  
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