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Rifle Shotgun Combination Guns: Charles Daly Combination Rifle Shotguns & More

Charles Daly shotguns are just one example of the fine pieces you might find in our inventory of highly collectable rifle shotgun combination guns. Other examples of combination rifle shotguns include Belgian cape guns and rare models by J.P. Sauer Drilling and Marble Arms. Our inventory changes frequently, so be sure to bookmark our new arrivals page and check it often.

Scroll through our rifle shotgun combination guns below. For other rare and highly collectable shotguns and rifles, check out our antique shotguns, pre-war sporting rifles, and antique long guns.

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Savage 24 Series P .22LR/20...

Savage 24 Series P .22LR/20 Gauge (S15046)

Price $659.95

SN: B945024. Over/under combination gun with .22Lr over 20 gauge 24" barrels. The bores are excellent. Has case colored receiver. Overall very good condition with light handling marks.

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Savage 24 Series P .22 Mag/...

Savage 24 Series P .22 Mag/ 20 Gauge (S14760)

Price $599.95

SN: B986967. Over/under combination rifle with 24" barrels. 22 magnum over 20 gauge barrel, choked Mod. Bores are excellent. has good case colors on the receiver. The stock and forend have been carved and depicts a "pattern motif" and a cougar and buck. Overall good plus to very good condition.

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Savage 24 .22LR/.410 Bore...

Savage 24 .22LR/.410 Bore (S14751)

Price $799.95

SN: None. Over/ under combination rifle with 24" barrel. .22LR barrel over .410 Bore barrel. Has vivid case color receiver. Overall excellent condition.

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Beautiful Drilling Marked...

Beautiful Drilling Marked K. Hermann 16 Gauge/...

Price $3,995.00

Outstanding drilling manufactured in German during the early 1930's. Barrel is marked "K. Hermann New Ulm" and measures 27". Receiver and bullet trap door are beautifully engraved with floral motifs and game scenes. Drilling has desirable upgrade features: adjustable triggers, cocking indicators, Greener style safety, and pop up rear sight. Stock is nicely figured walnut. Length of pull is...

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J.P. Sauer & Son...

J.P. Sauer & Son Combination 12 Gauge/ .30-40...

Price $3,995.00

Excellent pre-war German combination gun. Stocks are nicely figured walnut. Checkering is sharp. Receiver is case colored and finely engraved with scroll and various scenes. Two blade rear sight. Horn butt plate is very good, no cracks. Barrels are 28". Shotgun barrel is choked full. Triggers are adjustable. Bores are excellent. Cocking indicators by lever. Excellent overall condition. A...

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Savage 24 410Gauge/.22 LR...

Savage 24 410Gauge/.22 LR (R32363)

Price $549.95

Over/under combination gun with .22 LR barrel over .410 gauge. Bores are excellent. Barrels are 24". Stocks have some wear, otherwise good overall condition.

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Beautiful Drilling by...

Beautiful Drilling by Brecht 8X57R/20 Gauge...

Price $3,995.00

SN:152210. Manufactured in the late 1930's. Rifle barrels are chambered in 8X57R. Shotgun barrel is 20 Gauge with 2 3/4" chamber choked full. Barrels are 25". Bores are excellent. Receiver is engraved with a floral motif. Barrel by receiver a has gold floral pattern. Pop up rear sight. Claw mount scope base. Stocks are beautifully figured walnut. Length of pull is 14 5/8". Checkering is...

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Nimrod Over/Under Combo...

Nimrod Over/Under Combo 16ga/9.3x82R (AS176)

Price $1,950.00

SN: 25384. German made combination hammer gun. The receiver is lightly engraved. The barrels have blue starting to turn brown. Bores are excellent. The stock shows light wear. A good looking vintage German combination gun. Comes with reloading dies and brass for 9.3x82R.

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W. Spillner German Drilling...

W. Spillner German Drilling 16ga/16ga/9.3x72R...

Price $1,850.00

SN: None. Antique German made hammer drilling. Bores are excellent. The silver receiver is game scene engraved. The barrels have most of the blue mixed with a bit of brown patina. The stock is figured walnut, has a cartridge trap and shows marks and wear.

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Marlin 90 .22LR/.410 Gauge...

Marlin 90 .22LR/.410 Gauge (S14414)

Price $1,495.00

SN: 996. Rare combination rifle with 26" barrels. The .410 barrel is choked Mod. The bores are excellent. Has 85% of its original blue mixed with some patina near the receiver. The stock and forend are in good plus condition with the original buttplate. Overall good to very good example of a scarce model.

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Savage 24V .222 Rem/ 20...

Savage 24V .222 Rem/ 20 Gauge (S14102)

Price $995.00

Desirable combination rifle. The bores are excellent. has 99% of its original blue, The stock and forend are in very good condition. The LOP is 14.5". Overall very good plus condition.

Previously sold
Savage 24 .22WMR/20 Gauge...

Savage 24 .22WMR/20 Gauge (S13589)

Price $749.95

Popular combo gun with 24" barrels. Bores are excellent. Has 99% of its original blue. The receiver has vivid case colors. Overall condition is excellent.

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