Rifle Shotgun Combination Guns: Charles Daly Combination Rifle Shotguns & More

Charles Daly shotguns are just one example of the fine pieces you might find in our inventory of highly collectable rifle shotgun combination guns. Other examples of combination rifle shotguns include Belgian cape guns and rare models by J.P. Sauer Drilling and Marble Arms. Our inventory changes frequently, so be sure to bookmark our new arrivals page and check it often.

Scroll through our rifle shotgun combination guns below. For other rare and highly collectable shotguns and rifles, check out our antique shotguns, pre-war sporting rifles, and antique long guns.

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Nimrod Combo .16 Gauge (S8826)

Nimrod Combo .16 Gauge (S8826)

Price $1,675.00
Nimrod Combo .16 Gauge shotgun. Nimrod Gewer Fabrik, Suhl Germany. Manufactured by Thieme & Schlegmilch 16 gauge shotgun. Barrel is 2 9/16” chamber NOT 2 ¾” Rifle is 9.3X82 Nimrod. Bores are excellent. Gun is tight with no hinge pin looseness. Gun has rebounding firing pins. Rifle trigger is an adjustable set trigger. Barrels have a blue/brown patina. Stocks are good plus with no cracks or...
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Savage 24 .410 Gauge/ .22...

Savage 24 .410 Gauge/ .22 LR (S11565)

Price $399.95
Savage 24 .410 Gauge/ .22 LR combination gun. Popular over/ under combination gun with .22 LR over .410 Gauge. Stock has a repaired crack near the receiver. Good condition overall.  
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Savage 24AE .410/.22 LR...

Savage 24AE .410/.22 LR Gauge (S11351)

Price $359.95
Savage 24AE .410/.22 LR Gauge combination gun. Popular combo gun with .22 caliber over .410 Gauge. Has some wear, otherwise good condition overall.  
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Savage 24E-DL .22 Magnum/20...

Savage 24E-DL .22 Magnum/20 Gauge (S11250)

Price $599.95
Savage 24E-DL .22 Magnum/20 Gauge combination gun. Desirable over/under combination gun with silver receiver and walnut stock. Has a Bushnell 4X scope. Very good condition.  
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German Drilling 16 Gauge/...

German Drilling 16 Gauge/ 9.3x72R (S11139)

Price $3,275.00
German Drilling 16 Gauge/ 9.3x72R caliber Drilling. Unmarked as to maker. German Drilling 16 Gauge and 9.3x72R rifle caliber. Barrel length 27”. Shotgun barrels are 2½” chambers. Chokes are modified and improved modified. Rifle barrel has an adjustable set trigger. There is a Greener side safety. Rifle barrel sight functions with barrel selector button. Breech has side clips. Triggers guard and...
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Borovnik Combo .222 Rem/ 16...

Borovnik Combo .222 Rem/ 16 Gauge (S11055)

Price $3,950.00
Borovnik Combo .222 Rem/ 16 Gauge combo gun. Beautiful over/under combo gun made in Ferlach, Austria. Has a game scene engraved coin finish receiver and fancy figured walnut. Has a vintage Redfield 2X scope. Excellent condition with excellent bores and action.  
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