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Whether you’re looking for a Browning A5 for sale, or a Citori, or a Superposed, you’ll probably find it in our extensive collection of Browning shotguns for sale. Just make sure you bookmark our new arrivals page and check it frequently, as our inventory changes often.

Scroll through our Browning A5 shotguns and other Browning shotguns for sale below. You can also browse some of our other shotgun categories, such as over/under shotguns, semi-auto shotguns, and pump shotguns.

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Browning Magnum Auto-5 12...

Browning Magnum Auto-5 12 Gauge (S12562)

Price $1,350.00

Original Belgian made 3" magnum with 31" barrel choked full. Manufactured in 1969. Length of pull is 14" with pad. Very good overall condition.

Browning Auto-5 Sweet...

Browning Auto-5 Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge (S12645)

Price $1,250.00

Belgian Sweet Sixteen made in 1953. Has a 27.5" Mod choke barrel. The barrel blue is excellent, with excellent bore. The receiver blue shows very light speckling. The wood is very good with a few marks. Has the original horn buttplate. A classic Browning shotgun, ready for the field.

Browning Citori 12 Gauge...

Browning Citori 12 Gauge (S12521)

Price $1,450.00

Over/under field gun with extended screw in chokes, 26" barrels and 14" length of pull with pad. Gun has some field wear, good overall condition.

Browning Superposed...

Browning Superposed Waterfowl Series American...

Price $9,500.00

Original Belgian made Superposed American Pintail 1 of 500 Limited Edition. These are 1980’s vintage top quality custom Browning shotguns, elaborately engraved with seven gold inlays and beautiful deluxe walnut. Only 500 were made of each model. A beautiful gun in excellent condition.

Browning Auto-5 12 Gauge...

Browning Auto-5 12 Gauge (S12525)

Price $549.95

Belgian made semi-auto field gun. Receiver has drilled and tapped on top and has a name inscribed on left hand side. Barrel is, a later replacement (Japanese made), 28" choked modified. Forearm wood has a crack near receiver; that will need to be repaired. Length of pull is 14" with pad. "Fair" overall condition. Might make for a good project gun. 

FN Twelvette 12 Gauge (S12468)

FN Twelvette 12 Gauge (S12468)

Price $795.00

Belgian made light weight double auto shotgun with "velvet grey" receiver. Barrel is 26" and has a Cutt's Compensator. Wood is good with some field wear. Very good overall condition.

Browning Citori Superlight...

Browning Citori Superlight 12 Gauge (S12529)

Price $1,599.95

Superlight over/under with 26" barrels and straight stock with an oil finish. A recoil pad has been added, LOP is 14.375". The barrels are marked Mod/Imp Cyl chokes but thin wall chokes have been added. Overall very good condition.

Browning A5 12 Gauge (S9886)

Browning A5 12 Gauge (S9886)

Price $1,399.95

Browning A5 12 Gauge Shotgun. Semi-auto field gun with 26” barrel in excellent condition with case and chokes.  

Browning Superposed Pigeon...

Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade 3-Barrel Set...

Price $12,500.00

Beautiful Pigeon Grade 3-barrel skeet set made in 1968, with 26" barrels. Has a square knob, short tang stock with the more desirable slim forend. The gun is in excellent condition with only the lightest handling marks, and shows no signs of salt wood. Comes in a Browning factory case.

SKB XL300 12 Gauge (S11954)

SKB XL300 12 Gauge (S11954)

Price $695.00
SKB XL300 12 Gauge shotgun. Semi-auto field gun with 30” Full choke barrel. Very good condition.  
Browning 12 28 Gauge (S11659)

Browning 12 28 Gauge (S11659)

Price $1,750.00
Browning 12 28 Gauge shotgun. Limited edition high grade pump gun. Made 1991-92 only. Excellent condition.  
Sales Pending
Browning Superposed...

Browning Superposed Presentation Grade P3 .410...

Price $15,750.00
Browning Superposed Presentation Grade P3 .410 Gauge shotgun. Beautiful early model P3 Superposed field gun in scarce .410 gauge. Made in 1977, the first year of the Presentation Grade guns and signed by master engraver Jose Baerten. The gun has 26 ½” barrels choked mod/imp cylinder, silver receiver engraved with game scenes and gold inlaid, and deluxe figured walnut stock with a recoil pad....
Browning Citori 12 (S11396)

Browning Citori 12 (S11396)

Price $1,499.95
Browning Citori 12 Gauge shotgun. Over/Under field gun with 26” Invector Barrels. Excellent condition.  
Browning Superposed 12...

Browning Superposed 12 Gauge (S11365)

Price $2,995.00
Browning Superposed 12 Gauge shotgun. Belgian made over/under Superlight with 26” modified/improved cylinder barrels and straight stock. Made in 1972. Has a small rust blemish on the receiver and a few light marks on the wood. Very good condition.
Browning Superposed...

Browning Superposed Superlight 20 Gauge (S11033)

Price $3,250.00
Browning Superposed Superlight 20 Gauge shotgun. Belgian made 20 Gauge Superlight made in 1976 with 26” modified/ improved cylinder barrels. Shows some hunting use, overall very good condition. L.O.P. is 13¾” with pad. Not a salt wood gun.  
Browning Maxus 12 gauge...

Browning Maxus 12 gauge (S9930 )

Price $1,250.00
Browning Maxus 12 gauge shotgun. Semi auto field gun with 28” barrel, box and chokes in very good condition.