Antique Shotguns - Pre-1899

Antique Shotguns (Pre-1899): Belgian Shotguns, Side by Side Shotguns

Our inventory of antique shotguns is made up of shotguns manufactured before 1899, including English, French, and Belgian shotguns. Side by side shotguns of this era are highly collectable and our inventory changes frequently. Be sure to bookmark our new arrivals page and check it often.

Browse our collection of pre-1899 antique shotguns below. For other antique firearms, check out our antique handguns, antique long guns, and old ammo, tools & neat stuff.

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Snider Conversion Shotgun...

Snider Conversion Shotgun (AL7547)

Price $349.95

Musket converted to a shotgun. Conversion was most likely done in the 1870's. Barrel is 34". Action works properly. Good overall condition. A reasonably priced antique that would look great on the wall.

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Parker Bros. Under Lever 12...

Parker Bros. Under Lever 12 Gauge (AL7403)

Price $995.00

Side by side double. Shotgun has been restored and looks great. Barrels are 30". Hammers cock and function properly. Stocks are excellent. Length of pull is 15" over pad. Excellent overall condition.

Previously sold
Single Shot Break Top 10...

Single Shot Break Top 10 Gauge (AS100)

Price $395.00

Manufactured in the 1890's. Damascus barrel is 36". Receiver and barrel are unmarked. Metal has a grey and brown patina. Fair overall condition.

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W.H. Davenport Firearms...

W.H. Davenport Firearms Single Shot 12 Gauge...

Price $375.00

Single shot break top shotgun manufactured in 1898. Barrel is 36" choked modified. Stock has an old style repair at the wrist. Minor crack on left side of forearm directly infront of receiver. Length of pull is 14" over pad.

Previously sold
Outstanding English Side...

Outstanding English Side Lock Double by W....

Price $3,500.00

Very handsome English side lock double with hammers. Lock is marked “W. Lacey”. Damascus barrels are 30” and have all of their original armory brown finish. Rib is marked “London Fine Laminated”. Hammers, locks, and receiver have all of their original case colors. Stocks are nicely figured walnut. Checkering is sharp with no nicks or dings. Chambers are 2 ½”. Chambers are...

Previously sold
English Side by Side 12...

English Side by Side 12 Gauge (AS77)

Price $495.00

English made side by side field gun with double hammers. Barrels are 30" and have British proofs on underside. Hammers work properly. Forearm has a crack and needs it's ebony diamond tip to be replaced. Fair overall condition. This will look pleasing on the wall.

Previously sold
American Gun Co. Double...

American Gun Co. Double Hammer 12 Gauge (AL5572)

Price $995.00

Side by side field gun. Damascus barrels are 30". Chambers are 2 1/2". Locks retain most of their original case colors. Left Lock is marked "American Gun Co New York". Action works properly. Very good overall condition.

Previously sold
Forehand & Wadsworth Single...

Forehand & Wadsworth Single Shot 12 Gauge (AL5990)

Price $349.95

Single shot with hammer. Action works properly. Frame has most of it's original nickel plating. Barrel has turned a grey patina. Stock has two repaired cracks at the wrist. Good overall condition.

Previously sold
American Percussion Side by...

American Percussion Side by Side 10 Gauge (AS65)

Price $675.00

Manufactured in the 1850's. Locks and barrels are un marked. Barrels are 30". Hammers function properly. Stock has some cracks at the wrist, of which one has an old repair. Fair overall condition. This would look great on the wall.

Previously sold
F. Dumoulin & Co. Garden...

F. Dumoulin & Co. Garden Gun (AS174)

Price $1,550.00

F. Dumoulin & Co. was a well-known Belgian gun maker located at 2 Rue de la Fontaine, Liege, Belgium. The company operated from 1894 into the 1930s. The predecessor firm, Dumoulin Feres & Cie, Liege was founded in 1849 by Andre-Auguste Dumoulin. After his death, it was run by his widow and later by his sons, Albert Simonis and Joseph Janssen. The brothers were founding members of les...

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Whitney-Howard Thunderbolt...

Whitney-Howard Thunderbolt 20 Gauge (AS1)

Price $1,050.00
Whitney-Howard Thunderbolt 20 Gauge shotgun. Single shot breech loader manufactured 1866-1870. 30” Barrel. Action works perfectly. Metal has a pleasing brown patina. Very good overall condition.
Previously sold
Whitney Double Barrel...

Whitney Double Barrel Shotgun (AS159)

Price $795.00

Break open shotgun with 3rd trigger to open barrels. Scarce shotgun manufactured 1870-1874. Very unusual oddity shotgun. Reasonably priced.

Previously sold
Bannerman Model 1896...

Bannerman Model 1896 Shotgun (AS97)

Price $995.00

Slide action shotgun with 30" Damascus barrel. Action works properly. Left side of receiver is marked "Bannerman Manufacturer New York USA Model 1896". Butt stock is nicely figured walnut. Original butt plate is good, no cracks. Very good overall condition. Barrel is marked "Spencer RPTG. Shot Gun Pat. Apl. 1882".  Note: Not safe to shoot, sold as a collectable only.

Previously sold
Charles Lancaster Side Lock...

Charles Lancaster Side Lock Shotgun 12 Gauge...

Price $5,500.00

Very fine English side by side shotgun. Stocks has nicely figured walnut. Chambers have been opened to 2 3/4". Barrels are 26" choked cylinder. Bores are excellent. Length of pull is 14.75". Double triggers and auto ejectors. frame and trigger guard are scroll engraved. Very good overall condition. Comes with luggage case.

Previously sold
H. Elwell Percussion Side...

H. Elwell Percussion Side By Side Shotgun (AS156)

Price $795.00

Manufactured by Henry Elwell of Seneca Co. Ohio 1810-1812. Damascus barrels are 30" and have a fine pattern. Length of pull is 14". Action works perfectly. Lock is marked "H. Elwell". Overall condition is very good. Would look fine on the wall of your home! Reasonably priced.

Previously sold
Alexander Henry Double 12...

Alexander Henry Double 12 Gauge (AS138)

Price $1,875.00

Very fine side by side hammer shotgun. Damascus barrels measure 28", have a fine pattern, and are marked "Alex Henry Edinburgh". Receiver, hammers, trigger guard and lever are engraved with a tendril motif. Action works properly. Stock is an English straight style and is nicely figured walnut. Stocks have some field wear. Length of pull is 13.75" with original butt plate. An attractive...

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Belgian Side Lever 10 Gauge...

Belgian Side Lever 10 Gauge Double (AS94)

Price $895.00

Damascus steel 10 gauge manufactured in the 1880's. Barrels measure 30" and are marked "laminated steel". Side locks are marked "W m Moore & Co." Action works. Both hammers hold full cock. Original butt plate is very good with no chips or cracks and has a stag in high relief. Stocks are good as cleaned. Good overall condition. Note: This is Damascus steel barrels, not safe to shoot. Sold...

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