Single Shot Shotguns

Single Shot Shotguns & Trap Guns for Sale 

Beretta single shot shotguns and Charles Daly trap guns are prime examples of what you might find in our inventory of single shot shotguns and trap guns for sale, which also includes models from gun makers like Ruger and Marble Arms. Since our inventory changes often, make sure to bookmark our new arrivals page.

Browse our selection of single shot shotguns and trap guns for sale below. For other types of shotguns, check out our over/under shotguns, side by side double barrel shotguns, and pump shotguns.

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Westernfield SB-115A...

Westernfield SB-115A Shotgun 12 Gauge (S15978)

Price $199.95

SN: NSN. Made circa 1950's. 12 Gauge with a 30" barrel. Bore is in excellent condition. Single shotgun. Blued metal is in very good condition. Wooden stock is in very good condition. Has a 14" LOP and is choked to cylinder. Overall condition is very good.

Long Tom Shotgun 12 Gauge...

Long Tom Shotgun 12 Gauge (S15996)

Price $299.95

SN:NSN. Made Circa 1900's. 12 gauge with a 34" barrel. Bore is in excellent condition. Single shot shotgun. Metal is in good condition with gray and brown patina. Wooden stock is in good condition. Overall condition is good.

S.S Kresge 151 Shotgun 20...

S.S Kresge 151 Shotgun 20 Gauge (S15659)

Price $199.95

SN:733649 made circa 1960s 20 Gauge with a 28" barrel. Bore is excellent. Single shot 20 gauge shotgun with excellent metal finish, front bead sight, and very good wood stocks with some scratches. Choked to FULL. LOP is 14" Overall condition is very good.


MOSSBERG 385KB 20 GAUGE (S15371)

Price $399.95

SN: 591932. Manufactured circa 1980's, .20 gauge with a 26" barrel. Bolt action field gun with a poly choke muzzle device, 13.75" LOP, bead front sight, &, rear irons integrated into the receiver. In excellent condition.

F.I.E. Corp SB .410 Bore...

F.I.E. Corp SB .410 Bore (S15364)

Price $199.95

SN: 371566. Manufactured circa 1980's, .410 Bore with a 28" barrel. Bore is excellent. Single shot break-open shotgun, choked Full, LOP is 14". Numbers are carved into the right side of the reciever. Overall good condition.

Yildiz TK-36 Shotgun .410...

Yildiz TK-36 Shotgun .410 Gauge (S15533)

Price $249.95

SN:S26847. Modern production. .410 with a 28" barrel. Bore is excellent condition. single shot shotgun with wooden stock and bead front sight. Overall condition is excellent.

Parker Bros SC Single Trap...

Parker Bros SC Single Trap 12 Gauge (S14483)

Price $2,995.00

SN:202321. SC Single Trap customized with adjustable butt pad and cheek rest. The work is top notch. Receiver has original case colors in protected areas. Barrel is 32". Length of pull is 13 7/8". Excellent overall condition. A beautiful Parker.

Remington SPR 100 Shotgun...

Remington SPR 100 Shotgun 20 Gauge (S15348)...

Price $300.00

SN: 08001702R. Modern production. 20 gauge with a 26" barrel, bore is excellent. Single shot shotgun with blued finish, bead front sight and hardwood forend-stock. Overall excellent condition. (Consignment)

Belgian Arms Co. Top Break...

Belgian Arms Co. Top Break 28 Gauge (S14475)

Price $895.00

Pre-war single shot field gun. Barrel is 30" choked cylinder. Chamber is 3". Action works properly. Very good overall condition. CAUTION: gun is capable of discharging if dropped on hard surface if loaded. 

Magtech 199 20 Gauge (S14339)

Magtech 199 20 Gauge (S14339)

Price $249.95

SN: FAD020432. Break-open single shot shotgun with 28" barrel, choked Mod and chambered for 3" shells. Overall excellent condition.

Stevens 301 20 Gauge...

Stevens 301 20 Gauge (NGZ1828) NEW

Price $199.95

Single shot shotgun with a 26" barrel, 3" chamber and, 12.8" length of pull. On a synthetic stock. NEW. UPC:011356225580

Ljutic Industries LTX 12...

Ljutic Industries LTX 12 Gauge (S4477)

Price $4,995.00
Ljutic Industries LTX 12 gauge shotgun. Custom grade mono trap gun with deluxe Walnut adjustable comb stock and 33" ported barrel. Near excellent condition with case.