Other Commemorative Guns, Including Smith and Wesson Revolvers & Walther P38s

Try our commemorative firearms odds and ends for standouts like Walther P38s, Smith and Wesson revolvers, Ducks Unlimited guns, and muskets honoring Lewis and Clark. Make sure to bookmark our new arrivals pageand check it often because our inventory changes frequently.

You can go through our current inventory of miscellaneous commemorative firearms below. For specific kinds of commemorative firearms, browse our selection of Colt 1911s and Civil War revolvers, antique Winchester rifles, and American historical flintlock pistols and Army revolvers.

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U.S. Marine Corps (COM1592)

U.S. Marine Corps (COM1592)

Price $1,895.00
U.S. Marine Corps Beretta 92FS 9 MM PARA caliber pistol. U.S. Marine Corps Special Edition with gold decorations and fancy grips. Excellent condition with wooden case.
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J.H. Dance & Bros....

J.H. Dance & Bros. Commemorative (COM1259)

Price $1,495.00
Rare J.H. Dance & Bros. Commemorative .36 caliber revolver made by S. M. L. S. in Angleton,TX. The gun has bright blue finish with gold inlay. Only 44 guns were produced. Excellent condition with wooden case.  
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Eagle Scout  (iCOM1226)

Eagle Scout (iCOM1226)

Price $929.95
Eagle Scout commemorative by U.S. Henry Repeating Arms with image of a majestic bald eagle. A proud statement of all eagle scouts “once and eagle, always an eagle”, plated in 24 karat gold. New.
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George Custer 7th Cavalry...

George Custer 7th Cavalry Tribute (COM1384)

Price $1,495.00
George Custer 7th Cavalry Tribute Uberti SAA .45 LC caliber revolver. With Cavalry motif gold decorations, fancy scrimshawed grips and wooden presentation case.  
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Whitneyville-Hartford Sesquicentennial Tribute...

Price $1,750.00
Whitneyville-Hartford Sesquicentennial Tribute Dragoon Revolver by America Remembers. Engraved and silver inlaid in wooden presentation cabinet with leather bound Colt book in lower drawer. Only 100 made, this is number 30.
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