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Try our commemorative firearms odds and ends for standouts like Walther P38s, Smith and Wesson revolvers, Ducks Unlimited guns, and muskets honoring Lewis and Clark. Make sure to bookmark our new arrivals pageand check it often because our inventory changes frequently.

You can go through our current inventory of miscellaneous commemorative firearms below. For specific kinds of commemorative firearms, browse our selection of Colt 1911s and Civil War revolvers, antique Winchester rifles, and American historical flintlock pistols and Army revolvers.

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Unique Set of Daisy Texas...

Unique Set of Daisy Texas Ranger BB Guns (COM2335)

Price $1,000.00
Unique Set of Daisy Texas Ranger BB Guns. Set has one rifle and a pair of pistols owned by a Texas Ranger, who was given the guns by this father who was also a Texas Ranger. The set comes with a letter from the Ranger who owned them, explaining the history of the guns.  
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Webley Mark IV 100 Year...

Webley Mark IV 100 Year Centennial Limited...

Price $1,995.00
Webley Mark IV 100 Year Centennial Limited Edition .38 S&W caliber revolver. One of 250 guns that were the last Webley revolvers ever made. Comes with a certificate explaining the special edition, wooden case, box and holster, all in mint condition, in the shipping carton. Made in 1982.  
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Auto Ordnance “NRA 100th...

Auto Ordnance “NRA 100th Anniversary”...

Price $995.00
Auto Ordnance “NRA 100th Anniversary” Commemorative. Centennial special commemorative model 1911A1 .45 ACP caliber pistol with etched slide and gold parts. Excellent condition.  
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Ruger “Colorado Centennial”...

Ruger “Colorado Centennial” Commemorative...

Price $699.95
Ruger “Colorado Centennial” Commemorative. Colorado Centennial commemorative Single-Six .22 LR/ .22WMR caliber revolver, made in 1976. With case and extra cylinder.  
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Smith & Wesson The “Twelve...

Smith & Wesson The “Twelve Revolvers”...

Price $15,000.00
Smith & Wesson The “Twelve Revolvers” Commemorative Set. Twelve Revolvers Limited Edition with an assortment of Smith & Wesson revolvers. This limited-edition set was put out in 1990 by Ellett Brothers. All the revolvers are numbered 30 of 500. A complete and desirable set! Model 25 - "The Horse Thief" Model 29 - "Hostiles" Model 29 - "The Attack" Model 14 - "Last Stand" Model 629 - "Mountain...
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Canadian Centennial...

Canadian Centennial Commemorative (COM2305)

Price $450.00
Canadian Centennial Commemorative. Canadian Centennial Commemorative Ruger 10/22 .22 LR caliber rifle in very good condition, 1967 issue.  
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Auto Ordinance 1927 A1 .45...

Auto Ordinance 1927 A1 .45 ACP (COM2287)

Price $2,899.95
Auto Ordinance 1927 A1 .45 ACP caliber rifle. Texas commemorative Tommy gun, highly decorated with gold plating and glossy wood. Excellent condition with case and drum.  
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Smith & Wesson 25-3 .45 LC...

Smith & Wesson 25-3 .45 LC (COM2256)

Price $1,295.00
Smith & Wesson 25-3 .45 LC caliber revolver. 125th Anniversary Commemorative in excellent condition with case.  
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Texas Wagon Train...

Texas Wagon Train Commemorative (COM2217)

Price $995.00
Texas Wagon Train Commemorative. S&W 544 .44-40 caliber revolver. Issued in 1986. Has some blemishes on the frame by the grips, otherwise excellent condition with case.  
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Wyoming Centennial...

Wyoming Centennial Commemorative (COM2215)

Price $1,450.00
Wyoming Centennial Commemorative. Wyoming centennial special edition Browning 1885 .25-06 caliber rifle. Made in 1990. Near excellent condition with a light wear.  
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Texas Wagon Train...

Texas Wagon Train Commemorative (COM2210)

Price $1,295.00
Texas Wagon Train Commemorative. Smith & Wesson 544 .40-40 caliber revolver. Texas Wagon Train Commemorative. Excellent condition with case.  
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