German Swords

Prussian Model 1811 Blucher...

Prussian Model 1811 Blucher Saber (SW1509)

Price $1,750.00

Unit marked on right langet "1.E.18.". Blade is 32". Overall length is 39". Scabbard has a grey and brown patina. Spine is marked "1831". Very good overall condition.

Japanese WWII Parade Saber...

Japanese WWII Parade Saber (SW1279) ATX

Price $495.00

Extremely long parade saber. Blade is grooved and approximately 33". The pommel has a floral decoration with family crest of four diamonds. An unusually long parade saber!

Austin location.

German Sword (SW1037)

German Sword (SW1037)

Price $1,550.00

German Sword. Blade is nicely etched and is marked “WK&C” with trademark on one side and “Mohr & Spe Strassburg i/E” on the other. Hilt is brass and one side of the guard folds down. Grip is wire wrapped. Leather scabbard is very good. Blade is 30¾” and overall length is 36½”. Excellent condition overall.