French Bayonets



Price $199.00

Serialized 25.5-inch bayonet with a 20.5-inch blade for the French Fusil Modele 1874 Gras rifle. Bayonet was made in 1876 & remains in very good condition with an even aged patina across metal parts. Comes with non-matching 21-inch steel scabbard.

French RSC 1917 Spike...

French RSC 1917 Spike Bayonet (MEW4029)

Price $175.00

Scarce French RSC 1917 spike bayonet. Blade measures 9.5" with an overall length of 14". Blade is in fair condition, oxidation is present along the blade. Brass handle is in fair condition with heavy wear present. Overall fair condition.

French RSC Model 1917 Spike...

French RSC Model 1917 Spike Bayonet (MEW3785)

Price $299.95

French RSC 1917 spike Bayonet. Blade measures 9.75" with an overall length of 14.25". Blade is in good condition with approximately 65% of original blue left with a brown patina towards the tip. Brass handle is in good condition with handling wear noted. Overall good condition.

French Model 1874 Gras...

French Model 1874 Gras Bayonet (MEW2063)

Price $95.00

Made at the St. Etienne arsenal in 1879. Blade has some light etching. Barrel hole ring is in relic condition, otherwise fair overall condition.