German Holsters & Stocks

WW1 Mauser 1910 pistol...

WW1 Mauser 1910 pistol holster (MIS5355)

Price $150.00

1916-dated German World War I black pebble grain leather holster for the Mauser Model 1910 pistol. Marked "F.W. GAMMERSBACH, ROISDORF|BONN" next to the spare magazine pouch. Condition is very good overall.



Price $50.00

Reproduction German flare gun holster in new|unused condition. Made to fit either the Leuchtpistole 28 or the Leuchtpistole 42 flare guns. Made of black leather with white stitching, two rear belt loops with two D-rings for use with a shoulder strap (not included), front cleaning rod attachment buckle with sewn lower cup, & a goal post style "quick release" over flap securing strap.

Pre-war Walther PPK leather...

Pre-war Walther PPK leather holster (MM5287)

Price $350.00

Pre-World War II Havana brown leather flap holster for the Walther PPK pistol marked "D.R.G.M." ("Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster" or "German Reich utility model") as well as "Akah" for Albrecht Kind Lederwaren GmbH. Condition overall is very good with some cracking from dryness, but it is otherwise serviceable.

3-piece West German Police...

3-piece West German Police Holster (MM5083)

Price $50.00

1984-dated 3-piece leather holster set for the H&K P7M8 pistol used by the West German military police (Feldjaeger) & Federal Police (Bundespolizei). In very good condition with pebble grain buttons.

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WWII German Radom Holster...

WWII German Radom Holster (MM3311)

Price $450.00

WWII Polish Radom Holster made under german occupation marked bnz 1944 P35 (p). All intact including pull strap.

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`39 Dated Luger Holster...

`39 Dated Luger Holster (MM2619)

Price $425.00

WWII Brown Luger Holster dated 1939 by G.J. Ensink&Co. WaA169. Missing steel button on tool pouch. Everythig else is intact.

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6" Luger Conversion Holster...

6" Luger Conversion Holster (MM2547)

Price $350.00

This Holster Came with a Navy 6" BBl Luger.Flap is Pig Skin and body is Standard Leather. Belt Loops Are Replaced.Mag pouch is an add on.Closure Stud is Moved.Everthing Is Still Intact.