C96 Chinese Copy Shoulder...

C96 Chinese Copy Shoulder Stock (MM2406)

Price $250.00

Chinese Made Broomhandle Shoulder Stock With Chinese Character Stampings. Good Condition. May need fitting to your gun.Missing Lid spring.

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Inglis Hi Power Shoulder...

Inglis Hi Power Shoulder Stock (MM2400)

Price $650.00

Inglis Hi Power Shoulder Stock SA LTD And Made In Canada Marked in Excellent Condition. With Broad Arrow C Marked Belt Loop.

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Astra 600 Holster (MM2138)

Astra 600 Holster (MM2138)

Price $75.00

Astra 600 holster made for the West German Police. No markings on this tan colored holster.

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Replica Hi Power Shoulder...

Replica Hi Power Shoulder Stock (MM1573)

Price $295.00

Replica Inglis Hi Power shoulder stock. Marked "S.A. LTD" and "Made in Canada". Has a replica belt strap. Very good condition.Some Fitting Required.

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WWII Polish Radom Holster...

WWII Polish Radom Holster (MM1548)

Price $425.00

Intact but unmarked holster for the Radom pistol. Has period repair at the toe or muzzle end. Very good condition