British Pattern 1856...

British Pattern 1856 Percussion Pistol (AH4322)

Price $1,450.00
British Pattern 1856 Percussion Pistol. .577 caliber. Barrel length 10”. This was the last of the single shot muzzle loading pistols issued. Approximately 14,000 were made (along with the 1858 Pattern Pistols) and were issued to lancers and troop sergeant majors of cavalry units. Lock has crown at the tail and marked “Tower 1858”. The larger bore guns are hard to find.
Large Nuingbu Do (Cuirass)...

Large Nuingbu Do (Cuirass) (MGJ744)

Price $2,500.00
A large nuingbu do (Cuirass) constructed of leather scales done in ox blood colored lacquer with dark blue lacing accented by white and black mixed lacing. Edo period with armor chest. Chest is bound in old iron strapping. Doe skin edged brocaded collar.
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