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Bacon Pocket Model Revolver...

Bacon Pocket Model Revolver .31 (AH2802)

Price $2,950.00

Bacon Pocket model .31 caliber revolver. Beautiful condition for a Bacon. Gun has 80% original finish. Rammer and hammer have 98% bright case colors. Superior condition gun.

Bacon Brass Frame Pistol...

Bacon Brass Frame Pistol (AH2443)

Price $495.00
Bacon (unmarked and no serial number). Poor bore. Fine mustard color brass. Excellent rosewood grips. Bore measures about .28 caliber??? Not listed in this caliber.    
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Bacon Excelsior Model...

Bacon Excelsior Model Revolver (AH2465)

Price $925.00
Bacon Excelsior model converted from percussion. Cylinder, frame and barrel all have different numbers but all look like they have been together a long time. Unusual unmarked Bacon conversion.  
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Bacon Mfg. Co. "Navy Model"...

Bacon Mfg. Co. "Navy Model" .38 Rimfire (AH2661)

Price $1,650.00
Bacon Mfg. Co. "Navy Model" .38 Rimfire caliber revolver. Serial number 113. First type, mechanically fine and engraved frame. Has beautiful old mello ivories. Gun is about good plus to very good. The last 2 or 3 inches of the barrel was and is pitted and has been cleaned.  
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Bacon Navy Revolver (AH2906)

Bacon Navy Revolver (AH2906)

Price $1,195.00
Bacon Navy revolver 1st Model with a gray patina on metal. Gun is factory engraved which most of these are. Action works fine but the lock up is not great. Scarce gun that has been considered a secondary US. martial pistol.  
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Bacon Manufacture Co....

Bacon Manufacture Co. Derringer .32 Rimfire...

Price $875.00
Bacon Manufacture Co. Derringer .32 Rimfire caliber antique handgun. This is a rare brass frame variation with an open breech that dovetails at the top to meet the barrel. Barrel address has very tiny letters and is stamped so that only half of the address is visible. Note this address has not been buffed or altered in anyway. Barrel has a blue brown finish that is more blue than brown. Barrel...
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