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Stevens Lord model .22...

Stevens Lord model .22 caliber single shot....

Price $795.00
Stevens Lord model .22 caliber single shot. The Lord model is Stevens largest frame pistol. Condition is about good. The bore is poor. Mechanically works fine. 12" barrel. Has the early barrel markings found on the first 600 guns.
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Stevens Favorite .25...

Stevens Favorite .25 Rimfire caliber takedown...

Price $398.50

Stevens Favorite .25 Rimfire caliber takedown rifle. Poor bore. Takedown model. Acton works fine. Butt stock is very good with nice original Steven's buttplate. Forend has a repaired crack. Action works fine. Gun has a brown patina. Overall decent old gun with poor bore.


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Stevens Tip Up rifle....

Stevens Tip Up rifle. (AL3009)

Price $1,595.00
Stevens Tip Up rifle. Blue brown patina on barrel. Bore is good, but does have some pitting. Nickel is excellent on frame. Wood shows some handling, and there is a repair on the left hand side of forend. Butt stock is nicely figured. Shutzen style butt plate. Very nice Stevens tip up rifle!  
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Stevens Hunters Pet .32...

Stevens Hunters Pet .32 (AL3232)

Price $1,395.00
Stevens Hunters Pet .32 caliber rifle. With matching stock, barrel length 20". Bore has strong rifling and some light corrosion in the grooves. Barrel is half round and half octagonal. Barrel has a hooded front sight and an adjustable folding peep rear sight. Barrel is a very smooth even patina. Frame has over 90% original nickel. Grips are very good with no cracks or chips. Nice shootable...
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Stevens Lil Scout 14 1/2...

Stevens Lil Scout 14 1/2 .22 ( R13459 )

Price $295.00
Stevens Lil Scout 14 1/2 .22 LR caliber rifle. Produced 1911-1941. 18" long barrel. The bore has strong rifling and is dark in the grooves. The wood is good with no cracks and has some initials on it. The metal has a brown patina finish with some nicks on the barrel. Good overall condition.
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Stevens 1915 Favorite .22...

Stevens 1915 Favorite .22 Shot ( R13462 )

Price $975.00
Stevens 1915 Favorite .22 Shot caliber rifle. Very Rare. Produced from 1915-1940. This is the number 20 with a smooth bore barrel. 24" long barrel. Excellent bore. The wood is very good and has been lightly refinished. Has about 20% blue with patina. Good-very good condition. Very rare! Marked "shot" on barrel. Scarce in shot.
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Stevens No. 41 .22  (...

Stevens No. 41 .22 ( PR21574 )

Price $549.50
Stevens No. 41 .22 caliber pistol. Very good bore. Barrel has 99% original blue. Frame has 100% original nickel. Grips are excellent. Gun is mint except for the very good bore.
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Stevens Ideal #44 .25 RF...

Stevens Ideal #44 .25 RF (R8148)

Price $975.00
Stevens Ideal #44 .25 RF caliber rifle. Excellent bore. Tang rear sight, folding front sight. 98% blue. Case colors turned gray. Stocks are very good with some oil staining.  
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