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Remington Kleanbore .218...

Remington Kleanbore .218 Bee 46 Grain Vintage...

Price $125.00

Remington Kleanbore Hi-Speed Vintage Ammunition. Original production .218 Bee 46 grain ammunition and box. Mushroom bullet with brass casings. Very good Condition. 

50 Rounds per box. 

Ammunition sales are subject to special shipping pricing. Ammunition/Box purchased will be of same or similar quality as the box pictured in the listing. Limited...

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Remington Smoot New Model...

Remington Smoot New Model No. 3 .38 Centerfire...

Price $795.00
Remington Smoot New Model No. 3 .38 Centerfire caliber revolver. Bore is very good. Action works but needs some adjustment as the cylinder rotates mostly ok but on some ratchet notches. You have to help it rotate. Gun has 92-94% original nickel. Grips are quality made and fit perfectly and appear to be factory.
Remington No. 3 Smoot Saw...

Remington No. 3 Smoot Saw Handle .38 Centerfire...

Price $1,575.00

Remington No. 3 Smoot Saw Handle .38 caliber revolver. Gun has a very good bore. Action works perfectly. Gun has 95% plus nickel. Grips are excellent with no chips or cracks. Gun rates very good plus.

Remington UMC Derringer .41...

Remington UMC Derringer .41 RF (PR18115)

Price $295.00

Remington UMC Derringer .41 RF caliber pistol. 1912-1935 production 2nd variation with side ribs, Hinge is completely Broken, parts gun only! Not safe to shoot.

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Remington No. 1 Sporting...

Remington No. 1 Sporting Model .38 Rimfire...

Price $3,495.00
Remington No. 1 Sporting Model .38 Rimfire caliber rifle. Very good bore. Gun has 92-93% barrel blue, and receiver has even distribution of case colors visible but fading. Stock is very good with no cracks or chips. This is a well above average No. 1 as most saw heavy use.  
Remington Vest Pocket .22...

Remington Vest Pocket .22 caliber deringer...

Price $1,695.00
Remington Vest Pocket .22 caliber deringer. Very good bore. 92-93% blue. Has Remington address and patent dates. This is a very nice example oas most are well worn.
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Remington Derringer .41...

Remington Derringer .41 R.F. (PR9532)

Price $795.00

Remington Derringer .41 R.F. caliber derringer with Rem-UMC barrel address and 75% nickel. Cracked hinge on left side.

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Remington 11-87 20 Gauge...

Remington 11-87 20 Gauge (S3183)

Price $995.00
Remington 11-87 20 gauge shotgun. Dale Earnhardt special edition with engraved portrait of Dale and gold inlaid signature. Has a few light scratches, otherwise excellent condition.  
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Remington 14 .30 Rem (R8350)

Remington 14 .30 Rem (R8350)

Price $449.95
Remington 14 .30 Rem caliber rifle. This rifle has been threaded for a silencer. This is a very good pre-war pump action rifle. Has a very good bore.  
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Remington Zouave rifle....

Remington Zouave rifle. (AL2669)

Price $4,750.00
Remington Zouave rifle. Bright case colors remain on lock. Barrel has excellent original. Wood is excellent with very sharp cartouches. Gun is not quite mint, but very exceptional.  
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Remington 700 .458 Win Mag...

Remington 700 .458 Win Mag caliber rifle. (R8839)

Price $1,650.00
Remington 700 .458 Win Mag caliber rifle. Custom shop safari rifle with deluxe walnut, rosewood, forend, custom muzzle, and pistol grip cap. In fine condition.  
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Remington 14 .30 Rem (R9103)

Remington 14 .30 Rem (R9103)

Price $329.95
Remington 14 .30 Rem caliber pre war pump action rifle Gun has been nicely refinished and a pad has been added. Length of pull is now 13 5/8" at pad. Very reasonably priced.  
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Remington Over/Under .41...

Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer....

Price $1,695.00
Remington Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Factory engraved. Fair to good bores. Two line barrel address. Gun has Rosewood grips. Engraving is sharp. Gun has no finish but has a very pleasing overall appearance.  
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Remington Factory engraved...

Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41...

Price $1,950.00
Remington Factory engraved Over/Under .41 caliber derringer. Bores are fair to good. Engraving is sharp and gun has about 10-15% original nickel in protected areas. Hinges are fine with no cracks. Barrels lock up fine. Good looking factory engraved derringer.  
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