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Hammond Bulldog Pistol...

Hammond Bulldog Pistol (AH2593)

Price $2,195.00
Hammond Bulldog .44 caliber pistol. Manufactured by Conn. Arms Mfg. Co. Gun is is very good plus condition with 95% blue and 80-85% case colors. Grips and bore are excellent. This is a beautiful Bulldog.
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Hammond Bulldog .44 Henry...

Hammond Bulldog .44 Henry (AH2604)

Price $1,795.00
Excellent Hammond Bulldog .44 Henry caliber pistol. Bright blue on barrel with about 80% bright blue. Case colors remain on frame. Excellent grips and like new bore. Well above average for how you normally find these guns.  
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Hammond "Bulldog" .44...

Hammond "Bulldog" .44 (AH2803)

Price $2,450.00
Hammond "Bulldog" .44 caliber pistol made by Conn. Arms and Mfg. Co. Excellent bore. Barrel has 93% bright blue. Frame has 90% case colors. Grips are excellent. Very fine Bulldog!
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