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Winchester 24 12 Gauge...

Winchester 24 12 Gauge (W3971)

Price $895.00
Winchester 24 12 gauge shotgun. Has an excellent bore. This is in very good overall condition. Popular model 24!  
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Winchester 1894 .30-30...

Winchester 1894 .30-30 (W4103)

Price $1,395.00
Winchester 1894 .30-30 caliber rifle manufactured 1897. Bore is poor. Rifling is present but dark in the grooves. Gun has a half octagon half round barrel. Gun is refinished. This is a nice antique 94.  
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Winchester 24 12 gauge...

Winchester 24 12 gauge shotgun. (W4136)

Price $950.00
Winchester 24 12 gauge shotgun. Manufactured 1951. Has excellent bores. Full and mod chokes. Gun has approximately 90-93% blue and stock is very good plus with original buttplate. Mechanically excellent.  
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Winchester 41 .410 Gauge...

Winchester 41 .410 Gauge (W4179)

Price $649.95
Winchester 41 .410 gauge shotgun with 3" chamber. Excellent original blue on metal and very good wood with minor handling marks. Bore is excellent, action works fine. Very rare with 3" chamber!
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Winchester 1895 .35 WCF...

Winchester 1895 .35 WCF (W4184)

Price $2,250.00
Winchester 1895 .35 WCF caliber rifle. Made in 1905. Very nice gun with excellent blue on the barrel. Blue remains on receiver in protected areas. Wood shows handling marks but is very good overall. The wrist has a piece of metal added on either side possible for some kind of reinforcing. Bore is excellent. This is a very good 95 in a very desirable caliber.  
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Winchester 1907 SL .351...

Winchester 1907 SL .351 Win. (W4316)

Price $1,695.00
Winchester 1907 SL .351 Win. caliber rifle. Deluxe model with excellent bore. Gun is expertly refinished. Forend has a crack that has been repaired. Reasonably priced Deluxe .351 Self Loader.  
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Winchester 1873 .22 caliber...

Winchester 1873 .22 caliber rifle. (W4384)

Price $3,975.00
Winchester 1873 .22 caliber rifle. Smooth blue-brown patina on barrel frame and mag tube. Forearm has been expertly repaired and wood has been refinished but looks very good. Action is tight. Bore has areas of pitting and is pretty typical of one of these guns in 22 caliber. Made in 1892. Very clean, sharp Winchester 1873 22 caliber!  
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Winchester 1885 Hi-wall .22...

Winchester 1885 Hi-wall .22 Short caliber...

Price $1,895.00
Winchester 1885 Hi-wall .22 Short caliber rifle. Excellent Winchester 1885 Highwall Winder Musket .22 caliber. Excellent blue on barrel. Blue has flaked to around 50% blue on frame. Butt plate still has almost all of its blue. Excellent wood that remains nice and sharp, free of nicks, dings, etc. Bore is excellent; action is tight. Gun made in 1919. Very find Winder Musket.  
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Winchester 1895 .30-03...

Winchester 1895 .30-03 Government (W4399)

Price $7,650.00
Winchester 1895 .30-03 Government caliber rifle. Rare model 1903 variation N.R.A. musket in .30-03 caliber (marked ".30 1903" over chamber). Also marked N.R.A. on left side of receiver. Gun has 95% original blue. Beautiful NRA musket.  
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Winchester 25 12 gauge...

Winchester 25 12 gauge shotgun. (W4406)

Price $498.50

Winchester 25 12 gauge shotgun. Excellent bore. Gun was made approximately 1949 or 1950. Serial number 7578. This was a plant guard gun at Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, Texas in the 1950's and 60's. Gun is marked "Mod." and barrel has been shortened back in the 1950's for the guard use.

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Winchester 1895 .35 WCF...

Winchester 1895 .35 WCF (W4437)

Price $2,295.00
Winchester 95 .35 WCF caliber rifle. 95% original blue on barrel, 70% original blue on frame. Very nice wood with minor handling marks. Gun was made in 1928. Bore is excellent and action is tight. 35 WCF was a popular caliber capable of any game in North America. Very nice Winchester 1895 in avery good caliber!  
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Winchester 61 .22 LR...

Winchester 61 .22 LR caliber rifle. (W4470)

Price $1,895.00
Winchester 61 .22 LR caliber rifle. Rare octagon barrel. Excellent bore. Gun has 93% blue and has 3 extra holes on left side of receiver. Action works fine. Receiver has some minor rust spots. Stock has various nicks and dents. Scarce gun that has seen some use and has those 3 holes but we tried to price it to allow for those problems.  
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Boy Scout Commemorative...

Boy Scout Commemorative (COM1216)

Price $2,495.00
Rare and desirable Boy Scout Commemorative .22 S,L,LR caliber rifle. 1985 issue of Winchester 9422XTR, this is number 10! Excellent condition with box.  
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Winchester 1886 .45-70 (W3674)

Winchester 1886 .45-70 (W3674)

Price $21,500.00

Winchester 1886 .45-70 caliber rifle. Excellent bore. Excellent brilliant case colors and blue with factory letter. Shipped in 1890. Beautiful case hardened '86 in .45/70.

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Centennial High Grade...

Centennial High Grade Commemorative (COM1218)

Price $2,295.00
Centennial High Grade .30 WCF caliber limited edition rifle. Winchester 94 with engraved receiver, gold inlay, fancy Walnut and tang sight. Only 3000 made in 1994. Excellent condition with box.  
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Winchester 70 Super Grade...

Winchester 70 Super Grade .300 Win. Mag....

Price $2,269.95
Winchester 70 Super Grade .300 Win. Mag. caliber rifle. With case and box, Special Limited Edition 2008, 26" barrel, open sights, 1 of 250, control round feed. New.
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