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LMT Defender 2000 5.56...

LMT Defender 2000 5.56 (iR12849)

Price $1,999.95
LMT Defender 2000 5.56 caliber rifle. LMT MRP model with Monolithic upper receiver, BUIS, ERGO grip, SOPMOD stock, 10.5" barrel, Torque Wrench, 2-QD swivels, rail covers, slight and 1 30-round magazine. Class III item. NFA rules do apply. New.
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LMT LM308MWS 7.62x51mm...

LMT LM308MWS 7.62x51mm (R14135 )

Price $5,099.95
LMT LM308MWS 7.62x51mm caliber rifle. British forces’ DMR as of April 2010, 16” interchangeable and free floating match stainless steel barrel ina matte black finish, 1:11.25” twist, rotary locked stoner-style multi-lug bolt, optic-ready monolithic with KAC BUIS. LMT SOPMOD stock, grip, rail covers, and swivel sling mount. Comes with Harris bipod, Otis cleaning kit, sling, eight 20 round...
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LMT LM308MWS 7.62x51 MM...

LMT LM308MWS 7.62x51 MM (R14323 )

Price $2,999.95
LMT LM308MWS 7.62x51 MM caliber rifle. LM8MWS slick receiver model with 16" chromed lined barrel, 1:10 twist rate Mono-lithic upper receiver, rail segment quad rail, removable barrel, torque wrench, QD swivels, sling, ambi-controls, SOPMOD stock, LMT BUIS and 1-20 round magazine. New.
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LMT Defender 2000 5.56 MM...

LMT Defender 2000 5.56 MM (R14325 )

Price $1,949.95
LMT Defender 2000 5.56 MM caliber rifle. LM8MRP16 model with 1:7" twist, 16" barrel, slick monolithic upper receiver, quad rail, back up iron sights, QD swivels, rail covers, SOPMOD stock, one 30 round magazine, sling and torque wrench for removal of barrel. New.
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