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Cased pair German Target...

Cased pair German Target Pistols (AH3192)

Price $7,495.00
German Target Pistols, Cased pair by L. Dieter in Munchen. Caliber is .38 centerfire. Barrels are fluted and have silver muzzle and breach bands. Barrels are 10" long and overall length is 16". Frames are floral engraved. Stocks have fluted pistol grips and forends are finely checkered and terminate in Schnabel ends. Note: One pistol is missing a piece of wood from the left side and is 2" long....
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German World War II Army...

German World War II Army Dagger (MEW1331)

Price $649.50
German World War II Army Dagger with hangers. (Hangers have frayed edges). Grip has three minor hairline cracks. Very good overall condition.
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German military Luger...

German military Luger holster ( H912 )

Price $329.95
German military Luger holster, undated World War I era. Has a faint makers mark. It has been dyed black indicating post World War I reissue. Good to very good overall condition.
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German GFW 88 Commission...

German GFW 88 Commission Carbine 8mm Mauser...

Price $895.00

German GEW 88 Commission Carbine 8mm Mauser caliber carbine. At some point it was modified for hunting. The ears were removed from front sight. The sling ring was ground off the band. The sling slot in the stock was plugged. The markings were removed from receiver. The original rear sight was removed and a flip up sight added. Sling swivels were added to the stock. The bore has strong...

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German Luger Holster (H881)

German Luger Holster (H881)

Price $249.95
German Luger Holster. 1914 dated. The belt loops have been field repaired. The strap is a replacement. Good overall condition.
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German  (MM708)

German (MM708)

Price $295.00
German military style back pack abused, by the Nazi SA storm troopers. Dated 1938 and RZM marked. Good condition.
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German Pinfire  (AH1057)

German Pinfire (AH1057)

Price $1,550.00
German Pinfire .38 caliber (approximately). Unusual design. Very good condition.
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German Schutzen 8.15 x 46 R...

German Schutzen 8.15 x 46 R rifle. (R8183)

Price $4,950.00
German Schutzen 8.15 x 46 R rifle. Unmarked German Schutzen rifle. Dated Febuary 1925. Stock is incise carved on butt with floral motif and raised carved dogs head on front of forend. Receiver is chiseled and engraved with oakleaf and acorn with silver accents. Has fine Schutzen tang sight, fully adjustable rear barrel sight and hooded front sight set Triggers. Excellent condition. Beautiful...
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German Post WWI Hunters...

German Post WWI Hunters dagger. (MEW989)

Price $259.95
German Post WWI Hunters dagger. Blade has some very minor stains and is marked "Solingen Germany." Stag handle and clamshell guard with acorn quillons leather sheath is about excellent.  
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German S84/98 Bayonet...

German S84/98 Bayonet (MEW1020)

Price $269.95
German S84/98 Bayonet unmarked commercial style. Probably for Mauser banner rifle with 1938 dated frog.
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German Model 1898 new model...

German Model 1898 new model bayonet with 2...

Price $279.95
German Model 1898 new model bayonet with 2 piece grips. 1905 production at Erfurt. Very good overall condition. Unit marked on cross guard and scabbard.  
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