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English Large Size Tap...

English Large Size Tap Action Over/Under...

Price $1,650.00
English large size tap action over/under flintlock pistol by Brunn, Charing Cross, London. Large .60 caliber bore. Engraving and markings are worn but legible. Gun has a brown finish that has been applied later. This is a large frame pistol in overall good plus condition. Overall length is 8 1/2".
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English Flintlock Pistol...

English Flintlock Pistol .75 caliber (AH3076)

Price $1,500.00
English Flintlock Pistol .75 caliber pistol. By Wm. Smart. Has Roller Frizzen (Circa 1805). Large bore, barrel length 9 1/2". Overall length 15 1/2". Has some small "pin" stock repairs, one on left side forend, one on right side near lock.
English Spear Point Cutlery...

English Spear Point Cutlery Handle Bowie Knife...

Price $475.00

English Spear Point Cutlery Handle Bowie. Made by Manson in Sheffield. Cutlery handle has a small cut in the silver handle. Blade length 7 1/4" overall length 12". This blade has good thickness and would be substantial enough for a fighting knife. Has the original scabbard.

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English over/under...

English over/under percussion swivel barrel...

Price $795.00
English over/under percussion swivel barrel pistol. Engraved frame, very finely checkered stock. Checkering is excellent with no chips or cracks. Gun has no makers name but is of fine quality. Barrels are 3" and overall 7". Caliber is .44. Folding trigger return spring not working so you have to manually push the trigger back in place. Nice swivel barrel pistol in very good condition.
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Cased Pair of English (AH2826)

Cased Pair of English (AH2826)

Price $3,450.00
Cased Pair of English percussion pistols marked R.B. Rodda, Calcutta on box label. Approximately .68 caliber. Bore is 5 1/2" and 10" overall. Very fine checkered grips in excellent condition. Buttcap has a ball or cap trap. Guns have engraved frames and trigger guards and hammers. (Note: on hammer is an excellent replacement without engraving). Case is near excellent on the exterior with no...
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English Percussion Double...

English Percussion Double (S3463)

Price $2,250.00
English Percussion Double by Mortimer, St. James, London. Engraved locks, hammers and furniture. 30" barrels and 12 bore. Good pattern remains on barrels. Checkering is worn. Mechanically excellent. Overall condition is very good.
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English Pattern 1887 Mark...

English Pattern 1887 Mark III (MEW1184)

Price $275.00
English Pattern 1887 Mark III blade bayonet for the Martini Henry rifle. The blade is 1889 dated. The bayonet and the steel mounted scabbard are both in very good over all condition.
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English Spear Point Dagger...

English Spear Point Dagger (K920)

Price $349.50
English Spear Point Dagger by Lingard Foxcroft Sheffield. Blade length 5 3/4" overall length 10 1/2". Has its original sheath with belt loop. Very attractive dagger with silver cutlery handle. Circa 1860.
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English Double Barrel...

English Double Barrel Percussion approximately...

Price $4,750.00
English Double Barrel Percussion approximately .48 caliber pistols. Pistols by Patrick of Liverpool. Barrels are 3 1/2" long and overall length is 6 1/4". Guns are engraved and barrels have Gold breech bands. Stocks are nicely checkered and have Silver Rims around the butt. Case has the correct trade label. Case has the oil can, cap can and two compartment flasks. Fine cased set.
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Early English Air Rifle...

Early English Air Rifle (AL3300 )

Price $4,950.00
Early English Air Rifle. Circa about 1750. This is a unique piece that one does not encounter often. The air tank is the butt stock of the gun and it is covered in original leather. The barrel is 39" long and approximately 45 caliber. One unusual feature on this gun is the flintlock type hammer. Most hammers on air guns bear no resemblance to a normal gun. Well made gun and the name "Bell" is...
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