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U.S. 1836 Flintlock Pistol...

U.S. 1836 Flintlock Pistol (AH3062)

Price $1,495.00
U.S. 1836 Flintlock Pistol converted to percussion. Manufactured by Waters and dated 1843. Stock is very good with clear cartouches. Metal parts are surface stained but not pitted.
Prototype Rolling Block...

Prototype Rolling Block Military Style rifle...

Price $7,500.00
Prototype Rolling Block Military Style rifle. It is our opinion that this rifle pre-dates the split breech and was likely designed by either Leonard Geiger or Joseph Rider. The action is distinctly Rolling Block and has that tall, somewhat awkward early frame like the split breech. The rifle is of very nice quality, the workmanship is wonderful and the rifle functions perfectly. However it is...
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U.S. Confederate Bowie...

U.S. Confederate Bowie Knife (MEW1310 )

Price $3,495.00

U.S. Confederate Bowie Knife. Possibly Cook and Brothers. This is one of the mystery blades of the Confederacy where no one knows exactly who made it, but it is agreed to be a Confederate made Bowie! Some well-known dealers and collectors attribute the manufacture to Cook and Brother of New Orleans. These knives have an unusual ring on the guard, some examples having just one ring, others...

U.S. Model 1840 Percussion...

U.S. Model 1840 Percussion Conversion Rifle...

Price $4,750.00
U.S. Model 1840 percussion conversion rifle marked "Monroe Blues". Has a nice inlay on left-hand side of the stock that reads "Presented by the Monroe Blues to (there is space to be filled in)".The reverse side of the stock has an eagle in flight brass inlay. Both the Union and the Confederacy had Monroe Blues units, the eagle leads us to believe this was probably Union. The Union Monroe Blues...
U.S. Model 1907 Springfield...

U.S. Model 1907 Springfield fencing musket....

Price $1,895.00
U.S. Model 1907 Springfield fencing musket. These guns were made up for in 1907 as training aid. The trapdoors were shortened, the opening latch ground down and the barrels filled with lead to give a more similar weight to a Springfield 1903. Very rare trapdoor!
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U.S. Model 1816 North...

U.S. Model 1816 North Flintlock (AH1834)

Price $2,950.00

U.S. Model 1816 North flintlock pistol with early style lock markings. Wood is very good plus with cartouche. Original rod. Overall this is a much better than normal 1816!

U.S. 1867 Peabody Bayonet...

U.S. 1867 Peabody Bayonet (MEW660)

Price $198.50

U.S. 1867 Peabody bayonet as used by various militia groups with a Trapdoor Sprigfield scabbard. Good condition.

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U.S. Fore & Aft Hat (MH278)

U.S. Fore & Aft Hat (MH278)

Price $125.00
U.S. Fore & Aft Hat by Ames Sword Company for Knights Templar or Knights of Malta.
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U.S. Model 1850 (SW437)

U.S. Model 1850 (SW437)

Price $3,750.00
U.S. Model 1850 Foot Officer sword. Presented to Capt. F.J. Fearon by the Fox Guard 1859. Initials also engraved on pommel.
U.S. Model 1850 (SW618)

U.S. Model 1850 (SW618)

Price $3,450.00

U.S. Model 1850 Foot Officer sabre by Ames inscribed to: "Presented to Lt. R. Kramer by Members of S.L.I. Oct. 14, 1872". Scabbard is very good plus with no weakness. Excellent frost on etched blade. Fine hilt.

U.S. Militia (SW777)

U.S. Militia (SW777)

Price $450.00
U.S. Militia non-commissioned sword. Circa 1850.
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U.S. Model 1880 Trapdoor...

U.S. Model 1880 Trapdoor Springfield Rifle with...

Price $6,500.00
U.S. Model 1880 Trapdoor Springfield rifle with triangular bayonet. Exceptional condition with beautiful blue, case colors, and wonderful wood. Only 1000 of these were made. In excellent condition.  
U.S. Model 1861 pattern...

U.S. Model 1861 pattern musket (AL2479)

Price $2,595.00
U.S. Model 1861 pattern musket with no maker markings. This gun has absolutely no maker markings. The only markings on this gun is the lock is dated 1864 and there is a 3 on the left hand side of the barrel near the breach. No markings are anywhere else, no barrel proofs, no US on the butt plate and no cartouche. We are not sure exactly what this gun is as we can not find a reference to a gun...
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U.S. Confederate Cavalry...

U.S. Confederate Cavalry sabre (SW873)

Price $3,950.00
U.S. Confederate Cavalry sabre by H. Marshall of Atlanta, GA. Missing most of the handle leather and wire, otherwise complete and in untouched uncleaned condition. Guaranteed correct.  
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