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Ishapore No1 2A .308 Win...

Ishapore No1 2A .308 Win (R13722)

Price $369.95
Ishapore No1 2A .308 Win caliber rifle produced in India in 1968. Matching serial numbers on the bolt, receiver, rear sight and nose cap. Excellent bore. The wood is very good with an arsenal repair at the toe of the butt stock. Very good overall condition.
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Ishapore No.1 MK 3 .303...

Ishapore No.1 MK 3 .303 British (R13802)

Price $795.00
Ishapore No.1 MK 3 .303 British caliber rifle. Produced in India during 1938. All matching serial numbers except for the nose cap. Excellent bore. Good wood. It has been modified to take the Japanese type 30 bayonet. This modification was done by the Japanese during W.W.II or by Indonesia during the early post-war period. Comes with Japanese type 30 bayonet. Rare modification in very good...
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