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Belgian Percussion Dueling...

Belgian Percussion Dueling (AH2263)

Price $2,650.00

Belgian Percussion Dueling pistol in approximately .50 caliber. Has 9.5 " barrel and measures 16" overall. Beautiful pistol with 98-99% high polish original blue, excellent carved stock and finely engraved lock and furniture.

Belgian Side by Side...

Belgian Side by Side Antique 10 Gauge (S3339)

Price $2,250.00
Belgian Side by Side 10 gauge antique shotgun. This gun is marked The Continental Twist Steelî on barrel rib. Has excellent bores. Gun is about excellent with all the original Damascus pattern on the barrel. Frame trigger- guard and locks have 100% bright case colors. Stock is excellent with perfect checkering. Has a nice Gutta Perch buttplate. This gun is in great condition.
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Belgian Percussion Cape...

Belgian Percussion Cape gun. (AL2676)

Price $1,295.00
Belgian Percussion Cape gun. gun. Rifle barrel is .41 caliber, shotgun barrel is 12 gauge. Has engraved locks, hammers and trigger guard. In very good condition.  
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Belgian Double Barrel...

Belgian Double Barrel Flintlock approximately...

Price $2,850.00
Belgian Double Barrel Flintlock approximately .45 caliber pistol. Barrel length 2" and over all length 6 1/2". Empire period. Animal scene engraved. Grip is very nicely fish scale carved and is inlaid with silver flowers. Action works perfectly. Condition is very good plus quality made. Note: 5-flowers missing from the grip.  
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Belgian 1867 (MEW1188)

Belgian 1867 (MEW1188)

Price $179.95
Belgian 1867 for the Albini Braedlin. Probably a South American export with period scabbard.
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Belgian 1822 (MEW1253)

Belgian 1822 (MEW1253)

Price $195.00
Belgian 1822 Probably made for export. Late type scabbard.
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Belgian Warnat .52 (AH3025)

Belgian Warnat .52 (AH3025)

Price $1,350.00
Belgian Warnat .52 caliber revolver. Pryse Patent opening system. Factory engraved. Bore is very good. Gun has beautiful Gutta-percha carved grips. Barrel length 5 3/4", overall length 14". Action works fine but has a 20 lb. trigger pull.
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Cased Pair of Belgian...

Cased Pair of Belgian Duellers (AH3086 )

Price $7,950.00
Cased Pair of Belgian Duellers by G. Beuret ET Fils. Liege. Stocks are fancy carved with Lions Heads forends and carved checkered pistol grips. Barrels have etched Damascus pattern and multi groove rifling. Barrels are 9" long and 15" overall. Cased with accessories. Condition is very good.
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Belgian Flobert System...

Belgian Flobert System Target 5.5 MM ( AH3196 )

Price $595.00
Belgian Flobert System Target pistol. 5.5 MM caliber. Bore is very good stock is well carved. Barrel has about 93-94% blue. Barrel length 9 1/4" and overall length is 15".
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Belgian Six Shot ( AH3201)

Belgian Six Shot ( AH3201)

Price $429.50
Belgian Six Shot revolver. Pinfire, approximately 9 or 9.5 MM . Factory engraved action works fine. Gun is in good plus overall condition.
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Belgian 8 MM Pinfire 6 shot...

Belgian 8 MM Pinfire 6 shot (AH3203 )

Price $325.00
Belgian 8 MM Pinfire 6 shot revolver. Barrel length 3 1/4". Overall length 7". Action works perfectly. Fine checkered wood grips are near excellent. Gun is unmarked as to maker. gun has Liege proofs.
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Belgian made  9.5 MM...

Belgian made 9.5 MM (AH3206 )

Price $875.00
Beautiful Belgian made revolver. Caliber is approximately 9.5 MM. Gun is factory engraved in a floral motif as are the perfect condition. Gutta Percha grips. Gun has 95% original nickel. Action works perfectly. 5 1/2" overall length.
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Belgian Pinfire  (AH3212 )

Belgian Pinfire (AH3212 )

Price $895.00
Belgian Pinfire revolver. Large caliber-approximately 12 MM. Grips are very good. No cracks or chips. Gun is engraved in floral scroll. Barrel length is 6 1/4" and overall 11".
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Belgian Pinfire  ( AH3223 )

Belgian Pinfire ( AH3223 )

Price $239.50
Belgian Pinfire revolver approximately 8MM caliber. Action works fine. Grips are very good. Gun has nice scroll engraving. Barrel length 3 1/4". Gun has about 60% original nickel.
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