Avg. 750,000 page views/month

Verified by 3rd Party - My Ads Platform via Google Analytics (Rolling average of March/April 2018)

Side Box - Most Pages

~2¢ per impression
$0 per click - No pay per click fee!

The total cost of the ad spot is static at $14,995/month regardless of the amount of page views/impressions/clicks.
The cost per impression above is estimated based on avg. 750,000 page views verified by My Ad Platform via Google Analytics between March 2018-April 2018; however, the amount of page views/impressions your ad may receive could be more or less. Impression and Page View are used interchangeably. An impression or page view is when your ad appears on a web page a customer is viewing. A click is when someone actually clicks your ad and goes to your website in a new window.

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Collector’s Firearms has a stellar reputation in the gun industry - Selling unique and collectible firearms for years. We prefer having advertisers who share our enthusiasm and passion for this industry. We will only accept advertisers if they serve the gun industry in some shape or form - Especially considering all of our traffic is geared toward this industry. We reserve the right to refuse any advertiser. Our acceptance of your advertising is not an endorsement of your product/services/company.


The next step is to find out more about your company and give you information about the steps going forward. There is no obligation! Our goal is to amke this an easy process for you to place your ad on Collectors Firearms. If you have any questions, please email here.
Please do not call the main Collectors phone line for questions or to sign up. They will not be able to assist you with the online ad spot)

After contacting, we will review your information and then based on our choice, will contact you about what the next steps are to claim your spot.