Colt 1862 Police & Pocket Navy

Colt 1862 Pocket Navy...

Colt 1862 Pocket Navy Conversion (AC258)

Price $1,295.00

Serial number is 10600 as renumbered. Made in the late 1860s to 1870s. 38 RF caliber with a 4 ½” barrel. This is mostly a dark gray patina with original blue in protected areas. Grips are very good with excellent original finish. Cylinder scene is excellent. Action works well. This gun has two sets of numbers. The back strap and trigger guard are numbered 40574 while the...

Colt 1862 Pocket Navy (AC257)

Colt 1862 Pocket Navy (AC257)

Price $1,895.00

Serial number 303426. 38 caliber with a 3 ½” barrel. Very fine gun with 90% of the original nickel finish. Grips are excellent. The cylinder has most of the original scene. Most of the overall finish loss is on the cylinder. Action works perfectly. Very fine Pocket Conversion!

Colt 1862 Navy Pocket...

Colt 1862 Navy Pocket Revolver (AC99)

Price $2,695.00

Colt 1862 Navy Pocket Revolver. Made in 1861. 4 ½” Barrel in .36 caliber. Very nice sharp gun with good original blue on the barrel that rates 70%. Trace amounts of case colors on the frame that is mostly a dark gray patina. Grips are very good with much of the original varnish remaining. Cylinder has excellent scene with an even light brown patina. Action works perfectly.

Beautiful Colt 1862 Police...

Beautiful Colt 1862 Police Revolver (C13080)

Price $9,500.00

Beautiful Colt 1862 Police Revolver. Made in 1963. Excellent condition. Barrel has 99% of the original blue. Cylinder has 95% of the original finish. Most of these cylinders flaked really bad. Grips are excellent. Case colors are bright. About as nice of an example as you could find. This gun is certainly good enough for a case!

Colt 1862 Police .36 (C14114)

Colt 1862 Police .36 (C14114)

Price $2,650.00

Colt 1862 Police .36 caliber revolver. Action works perfectly. Barrel length 5½. Bore is good. Grips are good plus. Barrel has a pit on the right side and a mar on the right near the wedge. Lever, hammer and frame have very good case colors. Gun has original blue and touch up blue. Very good 1862 Police with condition.

Colt 1862 Police .36...

Colt 1862 Police .36 Caliber Revolver (C15628)

Price $3,475.00

Colt 1862 Police .36 Caliber Revolver. Manufactured 1863. 4.5" Barrel length. Matching serial numbers. Bore is very good plus. Action works perfectly. Grips are excellent. No chips or cracks. Frame and hammer have approximately 98% bright case colors. Gun has some dings on the barrel and cylinder. Very fine 1862 Police.

Colt 1862 Police .36...

Colt 1862 Police .36 Revolver (C5945)

Price $5,950.00

Colt 1862 Police. This is a very early gun being serial number 651 and has a Hartford barrel address. Also very desirable as it has an iron backstrap and trigger guard and it is not English proofed. Gun has a nice smooth brown patina all over the metal surfaces with traces of blue in protected areas. Back strap is in period inscribed "Joseph F. Sinnott Philad."...