Colt Paterson

Original Colt Paterson...

Original Colt Paterson Advertisement (AC504)

Price $5,500.00

Original advertisement for the Colt Paterson Ehlers Model. There is a hand written note on the opposite side that says this is from the 1846 New York City Directory.

Colt 2nd Model Paterson...

Colt 2nd Model Paterson Rifle (AC376)

Price $22,500.00

Serial number 405.  ,44 caliber with a 32” barrel. Metal has a smooth brownish gray patina. Wood has been refinished and has some professional repairs. Action works well.

Rare Colt Paterson 2nd...

Rare Colt Paterson 2nd Model Rifle (C13254)

Price $39,995.00

Rare Colt Paterson 2nd model rifle. Nice sharp gun with an unusually long barrel. This gun has a 32 1/2” barrel in .44 caliber. The metal has a smooth gray patina. The cylinder scene is still visible. Very hard gun to find and very unusual with the long barrel.

Colt 2nd Model Paterson...

Colt 2nd Model Paterson Revolving Rifle (AC224)

Price $32,500.00

Serial number 17.  Made circa 1836-1840. 44 caliber with a 32” barrel.  Very nice example! This is a very scarce example with the square back cylinder profile. This gun is pictured in The Paterson Colt Book by R. L. Wilson. Metal has nice sharp edges and clear markings with a light brown and gray patina. Stock is very good as lightly refinished. Action works well. Very Scarce early Colt long...