Winchester Semi Auto Rifles

Winchester 100 .284 Win....

Winchester 100 .284 Win. (W11135)

Price $1,150.00

Semi-auto rifle in scarce .284 caliber. Made 1964. Rifle has hunting wear. Comes with a Weaver 4X scope. Good overall condition.

Winchester 100 .284 Win...

Winchester 100 .284 Win (W10978)

Price $1,295.00

Pre-64 model made in 1963, in scarce .284 caliber. Has about 90% blue with most of the wear on the trigger guard. Has a Redfield 4X scope. The stock is very good with some marks and dents.

Winchester Model 100 .284...

Winchester Model 100 .284 Winchester (W8031)

Price $1,295.00
Winchester Model 100 .284 Winchester caliber rifle. Semi-auto rifle in scarce .284 Winchester caliber. Made in 1965. The wood has a few marks, the metal is excellent.
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