Other Winchester Lever Actions

Winchester Model 71 348 WCF...

Winchester Model 71 348 WCF (W11335)

Price $2,995.00

Serial Number 3237. Made in 1936. 348 WCF caliber with a 24” barrel. Approximately 85% - 90% of the original blue. Stock is very good with normal handling wear. While this gun has been cared for, it was also significantly used. Action works well and bore is excellent!

Winchester 55 30-30 (W11455)

Winchester 55 30-30 (W11455)

Price $1,750.00

Manufactured in 1929. Barrel is 24". Half tube magazine (Button Magazine). Bore is excellent. Meal has a gray patina on receiver. Action works perfectly. Good overall condition.

Winchester 64 Deluxe 30-30...

Winchester 64 Deluxe 30-30 (W11372)

Price $2,150.00

Deluxe model made in 1940. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Action works perfectly. Barrel is 24". Barrel and tube have approximately 95% original finish. Receiver has approximately 60% blue with patina. Address markings are sharp and easily visible. Receiver has a Lyman rear peep sight. Good overall condition.

Winchester Model 53 Rifle...

Winchester Model 53 Rifle .32-20 (W10643)

Price $2,995.00

Winchester Model 53 Rifle .32-20 Winchester 53 .32 WCF caliber rifle. Made in 1926. .32-20 Caliber in very fine condition. This is a transitional model where the receiver is numbered in the 1892 series, yet it is in the configuration and considered a Model 53. See The Winchester Book by George Madis. This gun has 99% of the original blue on the barrel. The frame...

Winchester 64 .32 WS (W6247)

Winchester 64 .32 WS (W6247)

Price $1,695.00

Winchester 64 .32 WS caliber rifle. Manufactured approximately 1954 excellent bore. Action works perfectly. Barrel and tube have about 98% blue. The receiver has about 95% blue with some patina edge wear. Stock is very good with some bruises from hunting. Overall very good plus condition.

Winchester Model 64 .32 WS...

Winchester Model 64 .32 WS (W9942)

Price $2,450.00

Winchester Model 64 .32 WS caliber rifle. Deluxe model made in 1956. The barrel and magazine tube have 98% original finish. The receiver has about 90% original blue with most of the wear on the underside from carrying. The wood is excellent with very light wear. Bore and action are excellent. A good looking example of a scarce deluxe model 64.  

Winchester 71 .348 WCF...

Winchester 71 .348 WCF caliber rifle (W5912)

Price $2,850.00

Winchester 71 .348 WCF caliber rifle. Deluxe model in excellent condition. Excellent bore. Gun has 98% original blue. Stock is excellent and has been shortened to a 13" trigger pull over a Winchester butt pad. Very fine model 71 deluxe.

Winchester 55 Takedown .30...

Winchester 55 Takedown .30 WCF (W10435)

Price $1,495.00

Winchester 55 Takedown .30 WCF caliber rifle. Takedown model made in 1925, the 2nd year of production. The metal has been refinished, with the lever, buttplate and others small parts gold plated. The wood is excellent. The bore is fair, with a very slight bulge near the muzzle.