Winchester U.S. Military

Winchester 12 Trench Gun 12...

Winchester 12 Trench Gun 12 Gauge (W10742)

Price $4,995.00
Winchester 12 Trench Gun 12 Gauge shotgun. WWII trench gun 988XXX serial number. Has been arsenal refurbished. 20” barrel marked cylinder. Receiver is marked “US” with flaming bomb. Stock has a faint “GHD” cartouche. A desirable gun!  
Winchester 1903 .22 Auto...

Winchester 1903 .22 Auto (W10547)

Price $5,750.00
Winchester 1903 .22 Auto caliber rifle. Very rare U.S. marked with ordnance bomb and U.S. mark on top of receiver. At the rear of the frame. There are only a few known to exist. This is possibly the best condition example known. Other examples (which are few) have extensive wear. One sold at auction in 2007 and was refinished and sold for approximately $4,000. This rifle is all original and has...
Winchester 1200 12 Gauge...

Winchester 1200 12 Gauge (W10005)

Price $1,495.00
Winchester 1200 12 Gauge shotgun. Excellent reproduction trench gun. Barrel and receiver are “U.S.” marked. Very good plus overall condition.  
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Winchester 12 12 Gauge (W9977)

Winchester 12 12 Gauge (W9977)

Price $2,495.00
Winchester 12 12 Gauge Shotgun. Reproduction trench gun. WWII era serial number range. Receiver and barrel have flaming bomb. Stock is marked with cartouches. Barrel is cylinder bore. Very good overall condition. An affordable trench gun, that started out as a U.S. military riot gun.  
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Winchester Hotchkiss Bolt...

Winchester Hotchkiss Bolt Action Model 1879 or...

Price $2,495.00
Winchester Hotchkiss Bolt Action Model 1879 or 1st Model Carbine Barrel has an even patina. Stock is very good, except for a small crack at the magazine cutoff and an expertly repaired crack at the saddle ring. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. A very good looking 1st Model made for the army!