Old Ammo

Kynoch 450/400 3" Nitro...

Kynoch 450/400 3" Nitro Express (AM206)

Price $65.00

Kynoch 450/400 3" case Nitro-Express Cartridges box of 5 in overall good condition with some discolorations noted along the edge. Some boxes may have missing cardboard pieces. 

6,5x58R Vintage Ammo (AM150)

6,5x58R Vintage Ammo (AM150)

Price $115.00

Vintage box of 6.5X58R ammunition by RWS in overall fair condition. Box does show some storage wear with some discoloration noted. Made specifically for drilling rifles.

Western .22 Long Rifle 50rd...

Western .22 Long Rifle 50rd box (AM204)

Price $65.00

Western Rim Fire Cartridges .22 Long Rifle Box of 50 in overall great condition. Some discoloration is noted on the packaging in some areas.

UMC 20 Carbine ball...

UMC 20 Carbine ball Cartridges (AM191)

Price $125.00

Vintage box of UMC 20 Carbine Ball Cartridges, Reloading Caliber 45-70 in overall good condition. Box has been sealed and cartridges appear to be accounted for. Circa 1890.

German WWII 9MM 16 Round...

German WWII 9MM 16 Round Box Of Ammo (AM66)

Price $95.00

Unopened box of 1944 dated 9MM ammunition with original label. This would be a great addition for any P38 or P08 collector!

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