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U.S. Military M1911 .45 ACP...

U.S. Military M1911 .45 ACP (BP1063)

Price $75.00
U.S. Military M1911 .45 ACP cartridge pistol ball ammo. Manufactured 1932. 20 counts sealed original package. $75.00 per box.
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Remington Kleanbore .30-40...

Remington Kleanbore .30-40 Krag (AM194)

Price $75.00

20rd box of Remington Kleanbore .30-40 Krag 180 grain soft point core lokt. Box shows some storage wear with some discoloration along the edges. 

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UMC .38 Winchester Box of...

UMC .38 Winchester Box of 50 cartridges (AM189)

Price $65.00

50 round box of UMC .38 Winchester in overall good condition. Box shows slight discoloration, with some tearing along the edges. Box is full and cartridges appear to be in good condition. 

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UMC .44 Henry Rimfire...

UMC .44 Henry Rimfire Ammunition Packet (MIS1181)

Price $3,500.00
UMC .44 Henry Rimfire Ammunition Packet. Blue label UMC box in very good condition. Box has been opened, but label is mostly intact. On the side is discoloration where it appears tape was.
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UMC .44 Henry Rimfire...

UMC .44 Henry Rimfire Ammunition Packet (MIS1186)

Price $3,250.00
UMC .44 Henry Rimfire Ammunition Packet. Complete box with proper headstamp. The label is for the most part intact. This box has on the label and on the side that is was made for Winchester 1866 rifles. Very fine box.
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Lot of English Knives,...

Lot of English Knives, Cowboy Rounds and...

Price $295.00

Lot of late 19th century items: Joseph Allen & Sons NON XLL bowie, J. Rodgers & Son bowie, a vintage holster and various cowboy rounds (some antique and some modern production).

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Five Boxes of 1939 National...

Five Boxes of 1939 National Match .30-06 M1...

Price $145.00
Five Boxes of 1939 National Match .30-06 M1 Ball Ammunition. Boxes are all sealed, one box has deteriorated on the corner. All other boxes are in good condition. Each box has 20 cartridges that are on stripper clips. Will go great with your 1903 National Match rifle!
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Winchester Supreme Black...

Winchester Supreme Black Talon .40 S&W Ammo...

Price $59.95
Black Talon cartridges have been designed and manufactured with the most advanced technology available in the world today. The state-of-the-art patented bulled design ensures unsurpassed performance never before seen in handgun ammunition.
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John Wayne 32-40 Win Ammo...

John Wayne 32-40 Win Ammo (MIS1274)

Price $84.95
These Centerfire cartridges are produced in limited quantity. Case are specially nickle plated and have a distinctive head stamp. (Sold as Single Box, assorted condition)
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