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.44 Henry Flat Rim-Fire...

.44 Henry Flat Rim-Fire Cartridge Box (MIS2603)

Price $500.00

Very rare box for .44cal Henry rim-fire cartridges. Box is in good condition with labels clearly visible. Does not contain ammo. Box comes sealed in plastic.

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U.S. Military M1911 .45 ACP...

U.S. Military M1911 .45 ACP (BP1063)

Price $75.00
U.S. Military M1911 .45 ACP cartridge pistol ball ammo. Manufactured 1932. 20 counts sealed original package. $75.00 per box.
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Kynoch .577" Nitro-Express...

Kynoch .577" Nitro-Express (AM210)

Price $125.00

Kynoch .577" 3" case Nitro-Express cartridges box of 5 in overall good condition with some slight discoloration and tearing noted along the edges and card board flaps. 

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Remington Kleanbore .30-40...

Remington Kleanbore .30-40 Krag (AM194)

Price $75.00

20rd box of Remington Kleanbore .30-40 Krag 180 grain soft point core lokt. Box shows some storage wear with some discoloration along the edges. 

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Reminton Kleanbore .32-40...

Reminton Kleanbore .32-40 Winchester (AM193)

Price $85.00

Vintage 20rd  Box of Remington Kleanbore 32-40 Winchester 165 grain soft point bullet. Box shows storage wear with some tearing and rough edges noted. 

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UMC .38 Winchester Box of...

UMC .38 Winchester Box of 50 cartridges (AM189)

Price $65.00

50 round box of UMC .38 Winchester in overall good condition. Box shows slight discoloration, with some tearing along the edges. Box is full and cartridges appear to be in good condition. 

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