Asian Collectibles

Japanese Woven Bronze Tray...

Japanese Woven Bronze Tray (MGJ1607)

Price $1,650.00

Woven bronze with motif of a bird in flight amongst foliage, with gold and silver highlights. Estimated to be Meiji period (1868-1912) and done by a Japanese sword fitting artist. Very fine subtle work.

Antinque Bronze Jar (MGJ1605)

Antinque Bronze Jar (MGJ1605)

Price $2,950.00

Stunning patinated brass Jar with motif of a religious figure holding a bowl of incense, as incense clouds conceal a colorful dragon. 13.5x6x6 inches

Large Japanese Bronze Vase...

Large Japanese Bronze Vase (MGJ1604)

Price $3,250.00

Beautiful Bronze vase depicting theme of a rooster watching over chicks amongst foliage and a bird in flight. Comes with a wonderfully carved wooden stand. 15x9x9 in with stand. 

Chinese Ink Stone (MGJ1603)

Chinese Ink Stone (MGJ1603)

Price $975.00

A bronze platform for the grinding and containment of ink. Chinese stationary used for calligraphy.

Japanese pair of stirrups...

Japanese pair of stirrups (MIS674)

Price $2,395.00
Japanese pair of stirrups (Abumi) with silver floral inlays. Stirrups are signed by the maker "Yoshi Hisa" in silver also. These are Shinto period possibly around 1650 year date. Condition is very good. Beautiful and striking pair of Abumi that would draw anyones attention.