Modern Production Knives

Olamic Knifes Wayfarer 247...

Olamic Knifes Wayfarer 247 Frame Lock Knife...

Price $749.95

Olamic Knifes Wayfarer 247 Frame Lock Knife. Isolo special edition spear point. Has a milled rock titanium handle with purple inlays, pivot collars and hardware, spear point blade in stonewash finish. Features ceramic detent ball for smooth blade function and skeletonized flipper tab. M390 Blade steel.

Jimmy Lile No. 2 (K2198)

Jimmy Lile No. 2 (K2198)

Price $1,595.00
Jimmy Lile No. 2. This is a number 2 design in excellent condition with 6” blade. This is an early knife with script marking “Hand Made by James B. Lile” which means it was made between 1971-1975. Grip is excellent. Brass is nicely patinaed. Sheath is excellent!
William Henry  Folder (K2055)

William Henry Folder (K2055)

Price $1,099.95
William Henry Folder. Cabo etched “T Rex” Damascus frame, fossil brain coral scale and inlay. Spinal gemstones in thumb stud and lock. With certificate. Model: B12-1118.
Jimmy Lile EZ Folder (K1974)

Jimmy Lile EZ Folder (K1974)

Price $750.00
Jimmy Lile EZ Folder. Stag Insert Grip. Knife is in excellent condition. Jimmy Lile Folders are highly prized.