Modern Production Knives

CM Forge Caping Knife...

CM Forge Caping Knife (MEW2255)

Price $195.00

Deep belly caping knife by Curtis Klingle. Blade is 1095 carbon steel and approximately 2.75". Overall length is approximately 7". Grips are walnut. Excellent overall condition. (No sheath.)

CM Forge Ringed Handle...

CM Forge Ringed Handle Caping Knife (MEW2254)

Price $295.00

Ringed handle caping knife by Curtis Klingle. Blade is 1095 carbon steel and 3".Handles made from canvas micarta. Overall length is 87/8". Very good overall condition. (No scabbard.)

Jimmy Lile EZ Folder (K1974)

Jimmy Lile EZ Folder (K1974)

Price $750.00
Jimmy Lile EZ Folder. Stag Insert Grip. Knife is in excellent condition. Jimmy Lile Folders are highly prized.
Jimmy Lile No. 2 (K2198)

Jimmy Lile No. 2 (K2198)

Price $1,595.00
Jimmy Lile No. 2. This is a number 2 design in excellent condition with 6” blade. This is an early knife with script marking “Hand Made by James B. Lile” which means it was made between 1971-1975. Grip is excellent. Brass is nicely patinaed. Sheath is excellent!