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Burmese rare and very well...

Burmese rare and very well made small ivory...

Price $895.00
Rare and very well made small Burmese ivory hilted dagger. Mounts including scabbard are silver. The shape of this dagger is very much the same as the large Burmese swords. Very good plus to near excellent condition. We have not seen a small Burmese dagger like this.
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English  (K353)

English (K353)

Price $100.00
English Carving Knife by Irving Cutlery, Sheffield. Knife has silver fittings and stag handle.
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Rare 100 blade exhibition...

Rare 100 blade exhibition knife (K779)

Price $5,975.00
Rare 100 blade exhibition knife made by Eder Co. in Germany. Pearl scales. Very impressive with all the blades open.  
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John Nelson Cooper Iron...

John Nelson Cooper Iron Master Bowie (K435)

Price $2,495.00

John Nelson Cooper Iron Master Bowie Knife 1970's vintage scarce model with heavy 10 1/2" Roman broadsword type blade. This knife is unusual because the Cooper logo is backwards. The story is that this was one of the first knives he made with the etched logo & he accidentally reversed it. A very interesting & collectible Cooper knife.

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George Wostenhelm IXL Bowie...

George Wostenhelm IXL Bowie (K843)

Price $2,450.00
George Wostenhelm IXL Bowie manufactured at the Washington Works Sheffield.Clip point blade 8 3/4” overall length 13 1/2”. Manufactured approximately 1850. Has original stag scales. Has a very old scabbard. Rare and desirable Bowie.  
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