Other Fighting Knives & Daggers

Italian Fascist Knife...

Italian Fascist Knife (MEW3901)

Price $500.00

Italian Fascist Knife with M.V.S.N marked scabbard. Overall length is 13" with a 8.25" blade. Handle is in good condition with handing wear. Overall condition is verygood.

Unusual Dagger (MEW3310)

Unusual Dagger (MEW3310)

Price $265.00

Dagger with wave blade. 11 inch blade.Sheathis steel and has "D" rings for belt suspention. The hilt has copper plates riveted by studs.The blade is in excellent condition.We think 1950`s and maybe made in India.

Theater Made Knife (MEW3109)

Theater Made Knife (MEW3109)

Price $49.95

Theater Made Knife. Judging From Designs Looks To Be From South Sea Islands. Blade Has Rust.

French  D.B Dumontheir...

French D.B Dumontheir patent percussion...

Price $9,995.00

Circa 1855-60 .44 caliber with 3 ½” barrels. Blade is 13 ¼ “ in length with the fuller is approximately 8 ½”. Overall length of the percussion dagger is 19”. Actions function correctly, the folding triggers descends...

Indian Katar (MEW2390)

Indian Katar (MEW2390)

Price $475.00

Blade length is 7.5" with overall length of 12.5". The grip is decorated with leaf and floral decor.

Utica Cutlery Kutmaster...

Utica Cutlery Kutmaster Knife (MEW2077)

Price $175.00

Produced by Utica Cutlery from M1 Garand bayonets and sold commercially post WWII. Ricasso is marked "Kutmaster Utica NY USA". Lug on rear is still intact and not ground. Good overall condition with sheath.

Confederate Bowie Knife...

Confederate Bowie Knife Possibly Cook and...

Price $2,895.00
Confederate Bowie knife possibly Cook and Brothers. This is one of the mystery blades of the Confederacy where no one knows exactly who made it, but it is agreed to be a Confederate made bowie! Some well-known dealers and collectors attribute the manufacturing to Cook and Brothers of New Orleans. These knives have an unusual ring on the guard, some examples have just one ring, others have two...